"Lucky Number Slevin" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I have to say - the movie looked promising, even if not to take into account that he was in the top-250 best films. Famous Hollywood actors in the main roles. The plot, promising, if not the next "big score", then something very similar. Yes, and the picture of the genre promises a lot of shootings, which will be delivered so that to break away from what is happening is impossible. What could go wrong? Much, if not all. Well, meet it -. "Lucky Number Slevin»
Slevin Kelebro simple boy that came to the big city in order to see his childhood friend. Here are just a kid journey from the beginning nezaladilos. Left him a girlfriend, he lost his job, he was robbed on the street, and that the worst two mordovorotov hero taking his friend was beaten and taken Slevin to one of the criminal authorities in the same underwear. At such moments, you begin to think about what you someone jinxed. And there's what. After all, the local crime boss on Boss named Slevin requires that killed the son of his enemy Ravina. So how to go still nowhere our hero agrees, but after fifteen minutes he is in Ravina's office, where the latter requires Slevin with a tidy sum, but otherwise will order my guys to chop the hero into a fine salad. It would be better hero Josh Hatnetta today would have remained in bed.
Well what can I say? The storyline is interesting exactly to the point until you know who is who, where and why, and this is about thirty minutes of the film. Further, the plot becomes outrageously predictable and let the characters do the surprised faces when they find out that "The smiling cat" plays its own game, and some characters are not the ones who they claim to be, but an attentive viewer has everything figured and unexpected plot twist for him It is not so surprising. Not enough of this picture, and this multi-level combination of intrigue. Severely lacking.
Just this film lacks the living. I mean the heroes, who are well established in nature and that cause the appearance of one of its sympathy. Here we assume bodyguards Boss and Ravina. Writer tried to write dialogue for them in the best tradition of Tarantino and Richie, and yes, sometimes abandoned Bugaev phrase can cause a weak smile, but this is the case, these characters do not affect the storyline. Why are there! They will show the strength of a couple of times in the film, and they are just really did not do it. And if these characters so anything and did not, then why to focus the viewer's attention on these mordovorotov? It's too much screen time that could be spent in order to better reveal the nature of the key characters. Or here's Bruce Willis, who is trying to imitate himself from "the Jackal". Namely, that to imitate, because in this picture the character of his hero not registered. We do not know why he does so how come we do not know whether he is a professional assassin capable of single-handedly put a squad of well-armed soldiers, we do not even know what he does in his spare kills time, and if he had a family and he had them shot accidentally. What I mean is that the liquidator of the "Revolver" or Leon from the same movie does have character and likable. Here, the hero Bruce Willis is probably zazyvalovkoy to the picture than a full-fledged hero. Or here's heroine Lucy Liu - hyperactive girl that works at the morgue and I love movies with Colombo. I understand it. At its core is an interesting character, and plays an actress at the appropriate level, but the problem is that it is nothing. Her character is not hiding an ace up his sleeve, it does not move the storyline. The heroine of Lucy Liu and just eat it is another zazyvalovkoy for this film, but not a full-fledged hero. And let Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley play at the level, but the place of their dislocation raise numerous questions, both in terms of logic and common sense. Well, in fact it is difficult to invite the hunter with slonoboykoy and shoot a competitor? Bullet-proof glass? I belittle you. In what century we live?
Not in this movie and the proper atmosphere. There is no such feeling that now there will be something terrible. That the characters are in a situation from which it can not escape. Perhaps the culprit is that the main character is ill anorexic and therefore sees everything that happens to him for granted, and maybe because of shootings like those in the film, and if there is something they put quite primitive.
Summing up, I want to say that appears to the viewer Below average crime thriller that leaves only by its stellar cast. In fact, you can look this film, but there are far more worthy of the work, such as for example "RocknRolla," "Pulp Fiction" and "Smokin 'Aces." And what this film forgot in the top-250 I absolutely unclear.
5 of 10

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