"Lucky Number Slevin" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Do not even have to be aware of the content of the film, where Slevin - it was originally nicknamed the horse at the races (though then taken as the hero of the name), but the horse can not be his lucky number, because the horses are not soared magic numbers%) On the contrary, very clearly, that the phrase should be built as 'Slevin - lucky number' is said to bet on racetracks ... But not even delving into the nuances - enough to have behind him a couple of years studying English in high school or any normal tutorial to also see clearly : original name paintings 'Lucky number Slevin' well, does not translate so, because according to the rules of English (and even more frivolous in the grammar of the US), this phrase would then have had a pretext 'of' before the name of their own, or were written as 'Slevin's lucky number' .
And after the movie with the same name went to our rental. What, no one and did not have thoughts like ?; -) Yes nachhat everything on this thing! Faster spank posters and drove ...
In general, it is in itself a good filmets, as noted by critics. I was not so important to what he looks like, how it tried izgalitsya director and as far as he was able. I said this to me a curious detail in the content of the picture. In the beginning, it presamom.
A film starts with a rather peculiar filmed a scene in which the killer (Bruce Willis) kills some seemingly quite left the plot of Man, of course, doing it with characteristic so cool and resourceful characters just theatrical trivial, even a certain elegance, but professionally bound; -P First, again, this scene somehow did not pay attention, because the story immediately after leaving much to the side, and later quite clearly explains why and why removed that unlucky. Moreover, the course of action the moment the picture is repeatedly mentioned, because it is clearly a key tied to the plot. And so, after which a third of the re-emphasis you are beginning to have fun, but at the same time bitter thoughts ...
What is the essence. At first the audience convinced that the victim in the early parnyaga - a friend of the protagonist. Because of the connection of the killer with that Slevin is no hint, and he says that the victim (such as not knowing about his death) is his friend, it is logical to assume that the first victim in the film - by mistake, and maybe not but obviously involvement in all these dark criminal cases, whether the matter is that it turns out later, as straight and not just then say all of that clear even after reading the summary before you can view and are uniquely embroiled protagonist Slevin.
that . And what is important is how they talk about it ...
appears dead yet almost in the opening credits (indeed, deplorable fate; -P unfortunate has absolutely nothing, or almost nothing, to treat all the dark affairs Who. is he? Oh, just some loser who more than any other owed semicriminal treasurer, featured in the film exactly three minutes before also being shot. Moreover, the death of this failure is clearly not related to his duty, he did not actually connected to all chores around which the twisted plot. His chosen as a victim because she realized his death, no one is not enough, you can use its name as a front in order to ingratiate himself with the mobsters who knew that the treasurer (but who did not know a loser)
And this logic obmusolena. repeatedly, with some frank, I would say, cynical Several times someone to someone in this movie popularity is due to a such a direct simplicity and at the same time wicked irony. say, we had to soak it this guy is so ... well, he just was not lucky in life, what to do, there are is ... And the other character types so knowingly nods in agreement: Yes, everything is logical, can not be helped ...
Despite the fact that for all the other characters in the film there is a different logic, this very logic of the American "good and bad". Bad in the end gets to nuts, and of course, share, and good heard by cruel, but fair justice, giving vengeance after a couple of decades.
And just a loser no one would say a word. Also purely Western approach, which is saying something. For example, what a loser no one pity, even if it's so killed for no reason at all. Some exaggerated in its callousness mentality emasculated centuries of Protestantism and rigid interpersonal competition in the capitalist environment. At such times, involuntarily begin to hide behind this age-old Russian community and mutual support, although sometimes from them even more disgusted
think:. Well, damn it, I am also an individualist, every man for himself and all that ... but not just a ... he's also a human being and can, not bad ... just not lucky somewhere, has not managed to achieve something, such as to realize themselves ... and then quite frankly you make it clear that such a chela is not worth paying attention to. Like, his death was necessary to master the "good" character was able to carry out his cunning plan and punish evildoers, and all that matters.
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