"Lucky Number Slevin" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

All the troubles come from ignorance.
Here Slevin did not know how his good friend relates the local mafia, and was under the hand - will now have to return the money for the sickly friend. Here Slevin did not know that, you might say, because of his good friend was robbed and left without purse - became an illegal undocumented. He did not know that the police in the city is now highly nervous about it, because he - incognito and did not know about it, again trouble. As a result, we have repeatedly broken nose.
One trouble more one less ...
And actually, if you look, what is to blame for the poor lad Slevin? Only the fact that he - not Nick, his good friend. Literal injustice. Now that person to change? And because people are so strange that they themselves do not know Nick's face, and Slevin gladly barrel roll. It's not fair! Although, when the mafia was thinking about the human person? For them, a simple man - Shmoo. You know the story Shmoo? Shmoo - these cute creatures. They lay eggs, gave milk, and every time just to die with delight when they were going to eat. Shmoo happy to acquire a taste of exactly what you want at the moment. Of their skins was obtained first-class leather for boots. Even from the whiskers Shmoo out excellent toothpicks. In fact, Shmoo given the world all that is needed. Each debtor for the Mafia - Shmoo. Because they have to. So in their interest to provide the Mafia that they need to one day death was not the best option for them ...
like two halves of an apple, divided the world of New York City at the effect of two mafia bosses. And never the connection is not planned, because the field of cut apple quite well rotted. We can only throw the casual looks at the most upper floors of two skyscrapers standing together facing each other across the street. And imagine how from the frontal windows made of bulletproof glass, looking at each other two old friends and are afraid of what might make one of them with the other. They also do not know. They know each other as much as they let each other know themselves. And it speaks about fear. About the fear of the unknown ...
Their fears Slevin appears only as a link. A man who has to both of them, and everyone wants him his. But the worst of their misconception is that by definition Slevin they should be afraid of a lot more than even each other. Because Slevin -. It is a cat in a bag
By the way, it's very good that I spoke about cats. Because here in the face of not only the opposition of two halves, but completely different creatures, which are literally destined to quarrel like cats and dogs. And there goes one of skyscrapers Good Cat. Like a real cat, he walks in the two courts, and nothing for him to do it. Because everybody knows, all respected and feared. And because he is good, because it does not kill just like that, but just for the money. And he walks like a shadow, for Slevin. Very good this shadow that keeps saying all the time that he was going to kill someone.
Good Cat, there is another link between the crime boss of New York. About him hunting to talk a little more, because it is more interesting character is not here. It is similar to Slevin and at the same time it is the complete opposite, because as Slevin, he works on both the bosses, but unlike him that it is absolutely known to them. And this is unknown. Slevin is unknown bosses, but they believe that they know the guy.
As these characters, you can realize the camera correctly? Ask Bruce Willis and Josh Hartnett. Frankly, Lucky Number Slevin - not the kind of movie in which actors play should hit appearance. No. There are important phrases. There are important intonation. Here psychology is important. And the film does not force a ponderous thought processes. History Slevin is interesting because it does not matter where the catch, and where sincerity is not important deceitful and blatant lie, because Lucky Number Slevin in it - a typical crime film with atypical for the crime, but rather typical for films of the year, and a little earlier interesting kontsovochka.
is quiet but very quirky story dispenses with special cruelty, but first a little wince making the type of crippled father of a family. However, this tihost may well ruin the impression of the film, because the average viewer inadvertently wakes up yawning from a lack of action. Lack of action compensated riddles, puns a bit uncomfortable and simple, but very difficult to understand in solitude, philosophy.
This movie has some strange feature, a sense of direct participation. Such an effect is impossible to conceive in advance. He appears only in the final installation. Too loud shots pistols parsed barely a whisper, almost complete absence of imaginary music as a part of the action. Just like in life. But also I do not feel like walking for Slevin heels. Feeling as if you see a dream with a starring. And the moral of the legend, as it usually happens in holistic dreams, understand instinctively.
musical number is not that other, as the rhythm of life. He's such a simple, catchy, but not repulsive, almost invisible during playback. As the 25th frame, the soundtrack by Joshua Ralph, slowly playing emotions the viewer, trying to hint to reason that we should be feeling at the moment.
After seeing mostly remember all the nice surprise ending. That is to say, the desire to meet a detective. And yet, perhaps, will remember the light ironic situation in which only the main character got Slevin. And, of course, is almost legendary song "Kansas City Shuffle", which became the anthem of the film. Once in the credits start to play this song on the face appear delicate, life-affirming and understanding smile, and in my head there is a desire to do something clever and cunning.
lonely and a long gray road seemed from afar unusually thin. And a little away from the city, it splits into two thin stream of the same asphalt road. This road goes to the car and was about to gets to the fork. Where she will roll? It all depends on where we look and what we think. Otherwise, there would be no Kansas City Shuffle ...

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