Love letter Essay

September 1896",

Woo Seo my love, my gem, my angel. The three simple words that can describes your beauty to me. I am writing this letter to you as my humble friend that I cherish and loved. I miss you so much and yet you are still in a dream where I can never enter. The boundary that we shared are lost as I see your weaken body being transferred to a dimensional world. Are you okay? Have you eaten? Can you speak? I have many many many question to ask but you just will not budge to me. Why and Why on earth did this happen to you my Woo Seo!. If god punish us for the devilish thing we did, I would have kept praying for mercy until the day I die. I hope you are doing very well, please come back my love, my gem, my angel of the world.

Gong Woo Jin",

December 1896",

I can not believe is already been two months. The moment I wake up, I can hear my heartbeat cracking up the shape of love. Woo Seo the love of my life, have you been well? The way you close your eyes makes me not want to sleep during the night. If you remember the day that we first met, it felt like a christmas miracle that I have always wanted. The way you smile makes my heart skip a beat, The way you eat with me makes me feel warm and comfort, the way you make jokes wants me to kiss you right on the cheek every time. The way you move your hands up and down playing the elegant violin, hitting the perfect notes made my atmosphere as warm as the sunset rising up. The times that I cherish with you has suddenly vanished within a second. I hope you are not worry about me. I am doing fine as of my own world paying bills and bills for both of us. I am trying my hardest to keep satisfaction alive and the beautiful business we made together .Please and Please wake up as soon as possible. I am dying without you Woo Seo.

Gong Woo Jin",

March 1897",

It is me Woo Seo. I once returned back from the hell of work. Everyday I always thought about the time we shared together as friends. Remembering the joyful moments we ate picnic together on the beautiful sunny beach. You wore a long pink flower summer dress with magnificent colorful shaded sunglasses. As we ate our food, I would look at you like the goddess of cinderella. We would take walks on the beach together, smiling with each other and having a great time. I wish all of these memories can feel real to me again so please Woo Seo. Can you please unveil your lovely hazel eyes and come back to me. I do not think I can live longer without you. I still need to confess to you with all of my feelings but with all of these burden I carried on my shoulder is blocking the light you shine on my shadow appearance. I must wait for you until the end of my journey.

Gong Woo Jin",

May 1897",

Woo seo guess what? The season has changed to spring. That is when the magically flower blossom wakes up from it’s sleep. I have been very anxious about your health and hope the people around you treated you nicely. These past months, I have been drinking on and off still thinking about you. The soberness in my system has been growing every second that has gone by. I think I am going very crazy to a point I can see you on my mirror. My hands, They are trembling with fears I had enter through the course of the months. Woo Seo, you are my cure of my disease I had acquired from stressing. My heart, My heart is suffering from seeing the images of us being together. This would never happen If I was not involve in your life. This is my fault. I feel contaminated with blame and sorrow in my soul. I can feel my emotions dissipating out of this world.

Gong Woo Jin",

August 1897",

Woo seo. It has been almost a year since you have been silent. I am still believing that you are alive. You can fight this through with all of the supports of our family, friends and I. Everytime I step into your room, the wind breezes on my face as if you control it to talk to me spiritually. I see your body getting weaker and weaker which made me want to cry even more. I prayed to god so much if I had to chance to talk to you for a second. I wanted to share these last words with you and hear your response. As of right now I am full of regrets to a point that I even hate my self that I am living in this world. If you ever wake up finding this letter, I will be in the void that will never been seen by anyone. I never got to speak to you like this but Woo Seo, the love of my life I would like to say.

“I love you Woo Seo”

Eternally yours",

Gong Woo Jin

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