"Love and Pigeons" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Some people believe that the soul of a man is always a child. Someone worthy personalities known tough-minded and uncompromising, would certainly have contested this thesis, but if you think about it, there is nothing offensive in it there. Of course, no men do not like it if the spouse will magnify him "a child" or, God forbid, "ignoramus." However, we do not stop to get involved, just changing toys and, of course, increases the cost of failure. Leave the man alone with the fact that it is particularly expensive, and you will see him present. Accept or condemn - is another matter, but the soil to quarrel often spiced usual look. Resentment, misunderstanding, cavils, and that person has already deprived the last barrier before the temptation, which in view of the simplicity of character, and already opened. Only in the game in an affair is usually a bad end - someone is unhappy
Stuffed hand on splitting the hearts of Muscovites, Menchov handy appealed to most Russian roots -. Siberian village. Like simple, natural passion and love betrayed. Holiday romance Wasi mattress with an intellectual Raisa Zakharovna - a typical example of man's weakness, which gave itself felt under the right circumstances. Under the sarcastic comments of stars and fatalistic conclusions copper-skinned seductress adult child puts himself into a corner. Mom disembarrass from it will not come, no strict orders to announce, but enlightenment comes as suddenly as dizziness. native village air is not less effective than iron grip Katie Tikhomirova. When a man is alone with his problem, tears and sorrow give way to action. Menchov once and did not sit on its hands, filling cones actor before directing reap glory. And quite naturally, the lyrics in his picture just enough so as not to deplete the main point: the ability of native people to hear each other as if they were pigeons in possession sky
The film bears the dying spirit of the glorious era, intricate ways. come down to perestroika. Menchov had to work hard in the choice of the village, to do without the embellishment of reality, and not focus on the poverty of everyday life. Initially theatrical production well came to the nature and occurrence of the actors in their images was so organic that the city of the same essence Natalia Tenyakova not manifested once. It sounds like a cliche, but people really lived on a small life on the set, and whether you want to memorize the text in a situation of adultery? The point, as they say, everyday, anger is natural, and tangible consequences. The only question is, what next? In Menchov, as we know, a special look at family values. Careless and shifty he punishes, faithful and repentant - awards. Talented choreographer managed to leave quite different pairs, each has been denied identity, but Bob and Nadia spectator in memory of fate, no doubt, the Russian couple. They are naive and emotional, energetic and committed - such a union is able to break a real tragedy. Its something in the film and is not, and there is understandable to each situation and its presentation of a unbanal, to ensure the people's love and "in vivo" quoting
Maturity inevitably comes -. None of us can not be young forever. "Love and doves" on the idea of ​​the author was to be two-part film, and many episodes Menshov had to defend almost as a border guard with an AK-47 in his hands. Inspired writings gift is not passed, the tape has not lost any of his natural frame. Easy, optimistic and witty picture delights marksmanship dialogue, expressive faces and workmanship. In contrast to the "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", there is no real drama, everyone has noted there is a chance to work on the bugs. With the help of easy grotesque Menchov made some caricatures of the villagers, allowing all to look into his inner mirror. In the triangle Mikhailov - Doroshina - Gurchenko no unique (not) the right, but the intersection of the resort fate will reveal their characters much better routine in which slides a life devoid of understanding and support. Somewhere soul mate is one, especially if the heart is not locked to the padlock. Carelessness and recklessness easy to ridicule, but Menchov has forced the country to believe in the wisdom and gentleness of the Russian people. Judging by the fact that "Love and Pigeons" looks fine and now, the technique proved to be the correct one.

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