"Love and Pigeons" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Despite the lack of entangled plot, and that, This story is as old as the world, it is absolutely no need in the estimates of any reviews, because in worldly simple and truly sincere. Then he laughed heartily, just five minutes from the soul cried, everything in life - the band Chernenkaya, fair-haired band. And I looked through the entire film - on one cheek rain of tears from laughing, to another one great sadness
No wonder the sages say that the meaning of life is life itself, to live it with pleasure and benefit for body and soul.. Here are the heroes of this imperishable tried comedy, live the story as we could, how it happened ...
Once upon heroes of this film its simple, full of small joys and sorrows of life. They lived, as they say, do not grieve, and occurred to Vasily add variety to their measured life and go to a spa to unwind. And then the classic resort - Raisa Zakharovna, so all contradictory, in the mist of psychology and spirituality, alluring and exciting imagination. Not at all like his hopes, which while giving birth to children, household equip, rear covered for her husband, simply forgot that she was a woman loved and desired. A whole Basil dip in his pigeon hobby, forgot to remind her of it.
And Raisa, the Rice tail fluffed, imagines himself to be the only fire-bird in the world, and began to pose as a hetero Soviet spill. And here sits Basil looks at "equilibristics numbers" by Raisa Zakharovna, and he only thinks about the family: "How are my girls without me, and suddenly find another folder ... and suddenly hurt is ..." as the hero Mikhailov in the film "Guys" - all - did not come off the heel for many years and in joy and in sorrow, a life of no weed, no throw ...
Oh, Bob, Bob ... This pathetic figure with a solid deuce on the subject of "flirting" ( rare and valuable as Tahitian black pearls, quality for men) has gone on to Alexander Mikhailov AVU.
We must pay tribute to Hope, only in rare women have the wisdom and spiritual strength to move this situation. But Nadya done, she reminded me of the parable of the donkey that fell into an old well and the owner decided in one fell swoop get rid of them and began to throw the earth. Donkey porevel-porevel, but remembered that he was an optimist and mega-zhiznelyubets and the earth that fell on his back, he shook, and carefully tramp hooves. And just as his "girlfriend" Zhabko that turned milk into butter, escaped safely. That Raiska became a catalyst for the hopes and it woke up a woman - and a dress with a frill erected, and grace to walk and added a spark in his eyes lit - Basil looked and thought: "Kaka is still my zhona. And I for Firebird, fool chased. At most it is not a titmouse and a crane in his hands, and the children that we have wonderful ».
Perhaps the sad side of this film was formed because the characters in the film have forgotten or did not know of its simplicity, that in the normal human communication worthless applied anciently adopted in Russia carrots and sticks. Since he is only good for the slave psychology. And in the words of Anton Chekhov - you need a drop to squeeze out a slave. It is not so easy to keep the fire of the family hearth, it is much easier to light on the side, but that another fire may be just an illusion, not the expectations.
this positive stories with a bit less like grustninki, he recalls, and no one will remind generation that any life lessons you need to take, draw conclusions and try to live in peace not only with its own advantages, but also disadvantages, without self-criticism, self-reproach and recrimination. The most we can afford - it is a modicum of self-irony, and no more, because as long as the person is able to laugh at himself, he controls the situation
This film -. Shedevricheskaya classic, which is the largest value - demonstrated by Vladimir Menshov attitude. And the attitude - a palette of the mind, which can be used to paint the situation in the dark or gray tones, and can be bright and cheerful. Just yesterday, my, look my husband at my not quite adequate behavior, and instead of a scandal said with a smile: "The fright I do not understand!" And we amicably laughed, and I remembered the wonderful phrase « seriously intelligent only those who not serious enough »
What b do not recall I used this film -. on the face always appears warm smile. As you know, smile - a curve, which is able to straighten out just about anything

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