"Love and Pigeons" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are films which are imperishable, unforgettable and simply is inherently masterpiece.
' Love and doves ' Vladimir Menshov as one of the brightest representatives of such films. This movie is completely embodies the saying that all genius -. Just
film is really very simple, this is our everyday. Therefore, to love this movie kinogurmanom or esthete to be not necessary. This movie is for the people, for the soul Russian. Surely Sergei Bezrukov was able to continue my statement in even more vivid colors.
retell the story of the film there is no need, do not even believe that there are those who have not watched. After many expressions of this matter that the films they say that all and name it accordingly
Actors and characters are so charming and attractive in Russian, I want to say a few words about all
.. - Oh, Basil, Basil. The good man, a hard worker.
And indeed the protagonist of the film Basil Kuzyakin a good guy. And the resort did not lose time in vain. Well, the demon possessed, but the sin, but who does not happen. But man! And that is typical not hurt a fly, loves his family more and pigeons. And more and do not need to do anything to him. The character Alexander Mikhailov has entered the lexicon of an expression like ' eshkin cat '. So if you have something that will not work, feel free to quote
-. I'll find out which one of you with his father sees - curse
But Nadia a woman with character. Therefore Basil feared her like fire, and all the time was with her. And then, unexpectedly, he took and left. And the floor of our poor cried Nadia movie. But even here not without humor. How can harass heroine Nina Doroshin, how she did not sympathize with, only she did it with such enthusiasm that immediately and will not believe that it is not in actual fact, in the film plays. He played the role of his to glory, I was honestly amazed. No wonder Nina Doroshina currently teaches acting skills young artists, because it has a lot to learn
-. And if this is love? Kaka taka love ?! Ordinary!
But individual words deserves razluchnitsa 'moloduha' Raisa Zakharovna . Here is the real type of the femme fatale, which pecked and our usual Basil. The truth is, she does not like to cook, and to wear off, and get out, too. Though certainly educated, well-read. He says no ' Th ' and what is not ' eat ' and there. And why such Basil. So here it is difficult to speak of love, rather as a holiday romance, fleeting affair. But it does not want to blame as she spoke about Nadia, she supposedly ' bitch crash ': but why does crash, it is my natural color . It is not strange about the first word, she was still not against. Ludmila Markovna - it is certainly an actress from God. I do not even want to do the box 'was', because the audience will always be with her role
-. Lenka! Piglets given? Lyudka and Lyudka! Ugh! Village! Children! Uymite your mother!
Children at Nadi and Basil were very real. Pun said, but oh well. Home Game all, one better than another. It is very touching and intense scene when Lenka taken an ax. ! his father Basil exclaims: but Ruby, son . This is an incredible scene to inflame emotions. Here is typical folk wisdom with which I fully agree. Sons, in most cases, more than love of mothers and fathers daughter. So it got, and probably partly right. Although let it be my subjective opinion. Son yells: - You're that nurse hurt ! A younger daughter clinging to her father, is afraid as it were, what had happened. And in fact, they are all good guys and stuff happens in every family
-. And I told her - 'Sania'. And she told me -. 'Mityunechka'
One should not forget about this gorgeous pair consisting of grandfather Miti and women Shura . Only an actress who played a woman Shura, was not far from her grandmother, she was only some 40 years. Therefore her character deftly ran, and danced, and generally cheerful, and most importantly, a wise old woman turned. But Mitya grandfather with his ' myocardial mikarda ' long be remembered by those who gather a bottle of wine each to drink in secret from his wife. So funny grandfather turned out, loved to joke, and to defuse the situation in time.
That's such wonderful characters, piece by piece to get a great movie. Who have to watch everything. And old and young. And to respect this work -. It's golden oldies
Ah, well, how could I have forgotten about the pigeons. Well at least about love told everything.
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