"Love and Pigeons" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Soviet comedy / drama in 1984 with a mass of memorable characters, great actors, not a fictional story and costed to the last detail dialogs.
Excellent movie. I did not take quite a long time Soviet cinema, as such, only digesting any kind of Americanized consumer goods. Subsequently, however, there was a turning point and the Soviet kinoidei opened with his full strength, a certain naivety, spontaneity, other worlds and attitude (not typical for all movies). This film, at least, I watched with interest and pleasure. It should also say that the picture - not the root cause and the root causes of the film adaptation -. The eponymous play by Vladimir Gurkin
plot of the film is built around a common (though, in my opinion, pretty kinematografitsirovannoy) village. In one of the houses, which are now referred to as the private sector, home to Basil Kuzyakin (Alexander Mikhailov) with his wife, Hope (Nina Doronina), two daughters and a son. Periodically family visits Uncle Mitya (Sergei Jura), which is just a walking adventure, always willing to drink sometimes (corona verbal turnover 'which is characteristic of ...'). Basil breeds pigeons and finds in courting them your interest and passion. However, the idea is not supported by his wife, as this case the money goes, with an agreement made without money and, in fact, time that could be spent, according to his wife, to more pressing matters. To some extent Basil supports youngest daughter, Lenka Lyudka same and live a certain life of its own. Along the way, man bows to the use of alcohol Uncle Mitya, who is able to go to the most frank adventure to once again fill the eye (of course the way it is presented on the screen and seen from the side looks very comical, but in real life it is very far from it. it generates a lot of abuse and negative emotions, until the development of frustration and other things). For such drinking Uncle Mitya is constantly receiving a scolding from his wife, an old woman (the picture is replete with all sorts of village distortion of words and expressions. Heroes always something to wail, scream, in domestic quarrels, and also rejoice). Anyway, the first part of the film runs smoothly, fun, and very close to the average person (literally, all the characters seem so). In future Basil goes to a resort for vouchers from the company (in the same film the impression that it does not work, or, perhaps, is on vacation, but its operating activities are not presented), where he met with enthusiastic progressive views (psychics, oriental medicine) intellectual, fashionistas and, simultaneously, an employee of the company personnel department Raisa Zakharovna (Lyudmila Gurchenko), where he works Basil. They start a conversation, perception, and time together as a result of which the latter falls in love with Basil and finds in it the very spontaneity, sincerity and kindness, which, unfortunately, alone you will not find. The family Kuzyakin fracture occurs, the father left the family home, throws his wife and children and comes under emotional and aesthetically sublime beginning Raisa Zakharovna. There comes a dramatic part of the movie where the characters changing his
and everything starts happening very emotional and colorful. (Up to phrases like 'Oh, you - you bitch dyed', beatings, murder intentions and the lives of Basil away from home, on the outskirts water) . A little after living with Raisa Zakharovna, Vasily determined their true aspirations and a desire not directly detect these intelligently exalted Lives and simplicity of village life. But not so simple, and it takes some time to return and awareness, make the necessary decisions and flashing of new beginnings and motives (the phenomenon of separation and then after a certain time period of the reunification of time is often a very necessary tool). Either way, the process of 'treatment time and separation' is successful and a final family is reunited, sending a hum celebration of his son in the army. Finally, a picture is completed, almost like starting, pigeons - an allusion to the reunion and love
remarkable film, the production of which would be to spend the minimum amount.. But emotions are not bought, and here they can observe a lot of - and comedic, and dramatic, and the household. Very bright characters seemingly subtle change insert pieces (figure 'sad', the figure 'razluchnaya') with those of the ad directly into the camera Menshov Vladimir; Basil jumping out of the house straight to the sea (zoning); toy blooming flowers on the tree. Finally dancing in desperation and sadness (especially in the performance of Basil, when he looked in the window of his former home). The only thing that caused slight bewilderment - a loop wife Basil hopes for how think certain people around you about it or Basil actions or activities ( 'ashamed to look into the eyes', etc.), but this phenomenon is human, all too human and, as correctly noted by Basil, let them think what they want.
Excellent, good, everyday film, which can be reviewed over and over again and get all the same emotions and impressions, does not stop with its multiplicity.

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