"Love Actually" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Love Actually» - it's surprisingly touching, incredibly romantic story about the magical holiday in the whole world, leaving behind only the most positive emotions and mood of Christmas. That is not a Christmas party brings people together - seeking, welcoming and loving their second halves, only together can prove to everyone that this cruel world is governed by very light feeling - love. I still can not forget this movie
I want to say a big thank you to the director, in one of the most successful solutions to this pattern -. It is without a doubt, the use of scenes with lots of dividing, as living cells, sequential frames of human happiness was captured at Heathrow Airport Now showing sincere feelings and undisguised - with which the film begins and ends. After all, about anything unsuspecting people - fly away and coming, those who forgive and those who meet, love and lovers - they unwittingly become actors in this film. And I'm not mistaken, calling them actors, as a famous writer said: "The whole world - theater, and people in it actors." You know, I totally agree with him, these people are genuinely showed very bright, natural, pure and most beautiful feeling ever experienced man - Love
ten unpretentious Christmas love stories collected in this film, each,. of which has its own unique charm and charisma, here are some of them:
Hugh Grant & amp; Martin McCutcheon - suddenly flared pure feeling between the British Prime Minister and his assistant Natalie. He is well able to play a little hesitant, but they are more romantic and kind-hearted policy, and it - nice and cheerful girl from the provinces who are fortunate enough to work with him. Hugh coped well with the role allotted to him, we can only applaud his acting. And his jokes: "We may be a small country but we're a great country - the country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter, right leg and left leg Beckham Beckham. And his dance then - chic same
Thomas Sangster & amp;. Olivia Olson - who, if not children, are better able to show all his childhood love, because, as you said, the taxi driver female hero Sergei Bezrukov: "They love not for something, and just like that." "And it's true," - for the umpteenth time, I agree. I really liked the game a little Thomas, he did everything right, as the most experienced actor and his complaints to the game there is no; often it is the children cope with their role much better than their older relatives at the scene. Most of all I remember and liked the scene with his participation in the film's end, when Sam struggled runs on the closed part of the airport from the guards, in the hope to find love - Joanna, who was about to fly off to America without knowing about it and what a delightful and inspiring music sounded at the time, as he ran, a pleasure
Andrew Lincoln & amp.; Keira Knightley - a common and very pretty girl, Juliet, played, loved by all our beauty Keira Knightley, married her fiance, Peter, and not making out, true feelings, comes from the character of Andrew Lincoln - Mark - romance in their nature, a celebration for his beloved, in her wedding day with his best friend. They say that each of us, watching a movie or read any book can be found in the character of the work itself. That's what I found, or more accurately recognized himself in the Marche. We kind of rare - romance. The most romantic scene, in my humble opinion, I believe that, where Mark comes to her that would "tell" her about his feelings, madly romantic way, with the help of cards with his speech. But this story is unlike other ends are not so happily, you might think
Liam Neeson & amp.; Thomas Sangster - whose character has to stepfather Sam, and in combination, unfortunately, a widower ... who the day before Christmas Eve, his wife died. His role in this film - the role of the father who cares about his reception hall, but still her son, he performed well, well, honestly, I really like the way he helped Sam to achieve his dream of love, a very talented actor. I really liked the words of his hero: "There is hope - until the credits rolled." For the first time I saw him play in the erotic thriller "Chloe," which I also liked. There he had to portray the dramatic role
Bill Nighy -. It is the most amusing story in this picture! Quote it can be as much as necessary - "Children, do not buy drugs ... become pop stars and get the dope for nothing!" Stunning Bill Nighy in the form of old-but not desperate rocker Odzhnazhdy, old Bill understands what the hell, love is all around, and his thick manager - is the closest and beloved man, best friend, on this planet. Without knowing it, he commits a good deed - performing naked on TV on Christmas Eve, he allows Sam - In love with a boy at the last moment, to catch up with Johanna and tell her that something very important. Well done, Bill, said the man - a man made
Rowan Atkinson -! At the airport he helps Sam to distract the guard, it skips ahead the boy who wants in whatever was to say goodbye to the departing girl in America . Mr. Bean, you're done!
Each hero without a doubt believe everyone sympathize, worried, with an inexplicable interest in closely monitor their stories, for all the plot as a whole, which is twisted into a whirlpool of mad whirlwind, hold you to the very end and most interesting is that with all, while you do not think that the story quickly ended and another began ... no ... you should be, because in a moment, you become part of that magic.
This will be the greatest crime if I did not mention the incredibly consum sayuschem soundtrack, which gave us the creators of "Love Actually." They picked up as cool and unique music that you can listen to it and away from the film. My favorite song - PM`s Love Theme, as well as -. Too Lost in You, The Trouble With Love Is, and many others
Richard Curtis has created a film that sunk into my soul. After all, it would seem that nothing much he did not, just told us a few Christmas stories about love. About love different -. A friendly and international, child and family, the sudden outbreak of love and heart for many years heating
I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes -
The love that`s all around me and so the feeling grows ... ©

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