"Love Actually" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Richard Curtis - one of the founders of Mr. Bean, and fairly well-known writer in the genre of melodrama and romantic comedy. He has written scripts such notorious films like "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Bridget Jones's Diary," "Notting Hill", "War Horse", "Rock-wave", and others. To be honest, none of these films I he still had not looked, though some of them for a long time standing in line to watch. The same fate befell the "real love" - ​​with the appearance of the film and I have to view it took six years
«Love Actually." - Curtis' debut as a director Well. The first pancake directorial he turned rosy and appetizing to look at, but the taste is a bit strange (as a sauce of raspberry jam and mayonnaise). What are the ingredients of this dish is called "Love Actually"? Let's deal.
Ingredient number 1. Heathrow Airport, real people instead of extras and penetrating philosophical joining of love (with mention of the Twin Towers, be they are wrong).
Ingredient number 2. The history of hooligan aging rock musician and his thick producer. History has turned both sad and funny, and thanks to the antics of Billy Mack is also a bit trite. Bill Nighy in the role of an old rock singer is very good and charismatic. Obscene jokes, Billy would have been enough for the whole movie, but for some reason to get dragged two more completely unnecessary stories from the category of "below the belt».
Ingredient number 3. The story of the two shy porn extras who, blushing as students, appoint each other goodbye, while being in a very lewd poses and being completely naked. If this ingredient has been in a different dish (I mean the movie), it would look funny. But in the Christmas tale, it looks like a pod of chili peppers, sticking out of a wedding cake.
4 Ingredient number. The story of hopeless love white guy to the bride of his best black friend. The sad and not very Christmas story number 1. In this case, even it is unclear who is more sympathetic: Andrew Lincoln as hopelessly in love or incredibly cute Keira Knightley, with some fright marries a black man (sorry, black African ... uh ... an Englishman) .
Ingredient number 5. The history of the newly elected British Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) and his sudden love for her "on kormozhke manager" (Martin MakKachon). The most ridiculous and stupid story of all that very few people liked because of their naivety and implausibility. Against this political and even a love story fairy tale of Cinderella and the pumpkin turns into a coach, looks much more convincing.
Ingredient number 6. The story of a red-loser Englishman (Kris Marshall), who had found happiness back in Wisconsin due to the irresistible British accent. History of the youth comedy worthy of any US production.
Ingredient number 7. The story of widowed man Daniel (Liam Neeson) and his foster son Sam fell in love with the most beautiful girl in school. All anything, but only the wife of Daniel (and part of Sam's mother) died shortly before Christmas. However, the son, who is only 11 years old, of her practical and does not remember suffering from unrequited love for the school canary and hubby wants to have sex with Claudia Schiffer. History deservedly ranks second after the unconvincing story about the Prime Minister. Kid, say, the past month has learned to play the drums better than Ringo Starr? Yeah, yeah.
Ingredient number 8. The story of a girl Sarah (Laura Linney), who can not arrange their personal lives due to the patient's brother. A sad story with unhappy ending number 2. However, for some reason turned out to be an unhappy end, I did not understand. Well, did not happen once, think of it, why stop something if the start has already been made? Especially if both characters are in love with each other.
Ingredient number 9. The story of a man who really wants to change his wife with sexy subordinate. Not particularly happy story number 3, which is among the living (and not a festive and fabulous) stories ranked first. Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson - great actors who are very truthful and have shown dramatic crisis in relations between a middle-aged couple. Episode certainly deserves praise and a separate film.
Ingredient number 10. The story of a writer (Colin Firth), fell in love with her maid-Portuguese, which does not speak in English, but feel free to rushes to save the host manuscript into ice water. Downright mylnoopernaya history with typical Spanish-Portuguese flavor. The episode, in which the writer asks his father's hands Portuguese, very amused.
Ingredient number 11. A whole constellation of famous actors and attracted celebrities such as Claudia Schiffer.
Ingredient number 12 . The soundtrack of light pop songs, creating the right mood.
and all this seasoned with sweet Christmas from Christmas trees sauce, tinsel, gifts and children's matinees.
Thus, all the stories depicted in the film can be divided into four groups: corny, funny, sad and ridiculous. What exactly caused the director to combine them all into one movie, it remains a mystery to me. I can assume that Curtis just decided to save time and take one of the many movie scenes and comedy sketches that had accumulated in his head. Anyway, God bless him. Much more I'm interested in the question, why the will of the director in the Christmas tale filled with the most absurd dreams of the most ridiculous characters, and characters of the saddest stories and were left with nothing?
Despite a few good jokes and general an easy atmosphere, watch the film was pretty boring and tyagomotnoe. May blame the Russian voice, which infuriated throughout the film. An unfortunate choice of dubbing actors (especially annoying voice that tells Billy Mack and Sam) has killed the whole atmosphere of the film. Another drawback of the film already - too many characters. When the first half-hour in the frame endlessly flashing new faces come and completely unrelated events, it is somewhat tiresome. It remains to hope that soon all these disparate stories spletutsya in such a tangle that it would be impossible to break away from the screen, but this did not happen. All the characters are connected to each other only a certain degree of kinship, love, and many do not relate, therefore, from time to time long fall from the narrative
To sum up:. once the film look quite possible, and if this once been duplicated, it is possible to look a second time - without dubbing, to compare the effect. But if you pass by, it is also not much to lose. The film is clearly overrated. The next time you see "Rock-wave" - ​​the second film-director Curtis. And for the messy-punning "Love Actually" put:
5 of 10

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