"Love Actually" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Love Actually" I looked twice, a year apart. The second time - out of respect for those who praise, suddenly my mood is not what it was. The film now know almost frame, opinion has not changed, the arguments were added.
This film I praise not for that. Tedious. Unconvincingly. Not interested. It's not funny. Tightened. 'Love Actually' some call among the best Christmas melodramas, well, what seems to be a genre itself degenerates, but viewers do not notice and do not resist. 'The guy with a big dick!' Pornoaktera - now without them anywhere? After 20 minutes, watching wanted to turn off it to the end with difficulty. And the music is not very romantic, in several places it is appropriate, in other so-so
main disappointment -. A sense of falseness, her soaked almost every story. Instead of a genre of empathy with a smile this mood: "Do not believe it!" And "Do not be ridiculous!". I realized that there is an attempt to portray the different kinds of love, but, in my opinion, it failed. The director wrote the script himself, it would be better not to be greedy, grasping at two things at once.
Which of Grant Prime Minister? It's not even a parody! The actor is clearly aware that the withdrawn comedy builds deliberate faces, is even worse. His appearance and habits of the boys greedily to power. Not funny. By the way, the girl from the residence would call really just Monica, the parallels are obvious. Her behavior - horror, and jump at the very end - even a guard. . Knocks even the few attempts to empathize with the heroes of my soul
History girls with a sick brother, a tear of sympathy are not squeezed out - if a woman behaves in life as a slave (mother, father or brother ...), there is nothing good to it and do not have to wait . Be able to understand that her life depends only on itself, everything will work out. A man, of course, is good, not just for dreams. The phrase, "So, could not fit?" - simply brilliant. Sorry, it did not help. And the scene of the longest in the film - it is more effective to squeeze tears
And this woman? I love scarves, too, but not in such quantities. If it does not change, gold and will go to the girls. And cheap gifts to her look strange, not the level. By the way, the husband shows a gnarled and nasty, young career goals clearly from climbing it. Wife for a long time with him, it seems, likes, and it's what is responsible
Subject wife caught me, shown is somewhat similar to real life, but then again -. Not even wrong. Although the game Emma Thompson here many note is not in vain. She did everything that you could. Talks to her husband, and then switches to the child - this is a strong point ...
Auburn Englishman pulled the girl to America? That is, they are not enough in England, and there are not enough men? My husband has been in England, and in America - almost did not see the beauties. This is a parody? Maybe, but again, not funny.
That's for someone you can be happy, so it's a pornoaktera (if they still showed some other way). Consider one another in such a work, not only externally - yes, that's lucky. But in the romantic comedy melodrama of people in this profession and in such a frank look nastily. However, it should be noted that the phrase: "We zaymomsya sex in every room, including children," says another man
Revisiting still called here the thoughts.. Recipe for a successful film, it seems, is as follows: Take a well-known actors, tamp them tightly, like herrings in a barrel, so to someone the viewer yes bite. The scenario can not particularly pore, its flaws successfully masks the fine shredder - most of the pieces takes two minutes, and there are short and all the transitions back and forth more than 70! Toward the end of these transitions seem logical when characters knock a heap, but the process of acquaintance with the characters (and there are many!) - solid vinaigrette. Spectator invigorate artificially, not an interesting story, and flickering of persons and situations. My brain was protected from this lethargy.
removed from the script three storylines? Brilliant! It was necessary to throw three more, part of the remake, and would be a nice romance. But I take my hat off to a non-existent film makers - not everyone succeeds so accurately sculpt something that many people sincerely praise, criticize, even embarrassing
director-screenwriter mounted a kind of kaleidoscope, in a set of pictures which are hidden important for every human thoughts and images.. These images periodically drop out at the viewer: show us the need for love and finding it difficult, loneliness, weight loss, impending betrayal, Christmas tree, decorated houses, colorful lights, beautiful shots - can not help but praise ?? Twin Towers and then as an instrument of pressure on the psyche. But I'm just allergic to crude attempts to manipulate my emotions. Oh, and fly in the ointment in the form of vulgarity.
Yes, and first love, too, is puzzling. The actor was 13, if I do not get them mixed up? But he does not look older than 9, and the whole story it is spoiled. Why deliberately chosen actors with children's appearance? To the girl crying at screens?
's who absolutely organic, so it's Billy. But since then no vulgarity in general in any way - the status of an aging rock star requires. The phrase about drugs, behavior in the air, the inscription on the poster - it's all in the way, but I was in a romantic comedy like this prevents
Pleasant moments I have considered here only two.. The process of packing gift in jewelry - a miracle! Fascinating, but the buyer antics spoil the impression would be better than him at the time of left-overs. And the universal joy at wooing the cafe. Mentally, I do not argue. Of sentimental call also two - face character when viewing video from the wedding and the same conversation with the wife of her husband. But these moments do not outweigh the mass of stupidity, hypocrisy and outright filth several
most powerful -. This footage of this meeting at the airport. Real people. Sincere feelings. Different people, different faces, but they share emotions. And these kids ?! This runs a little sun and shines! Tears, yes. But what the film here? Against this background, it seems gold is even worse - a pathetic cheap imitation
Result: I do not like the movie, Christmas attributes available, but the script is broken vulgarity.. Hiding behind celebrities, we, the audience, knocked the bar slowly, and now this and that - a common occurrence in a romantic movie. I like that I can not praise. The film is not rescued desire to watch others on the same subject, emotional stories against the backdrop of elegant trees, with faith in a miracle - I love very much. But this is not found almost nothing. I did not laugh, barely touched, caused boredom and irritation. Will you watch, look closely, what means of emotions you squeeze ...
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