"Love Actually" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

With the New Year only a few days have passed and gained Christmas mood not want to leave. At such moments, each of us will certainly highlights some of their favorite movies, which he readily see. For me, one of the brightest and best movies on the theme of Christmas is this film, which is sunk into my soul 8 years ago, when I first saw it on a wide screen movie theater. One of my favorite directors Richard Curtis took a truly timeless masterpiece that I have great pleasure in reviewing these long years and almost always watch it on New Year's Eve. Richard managed to do what many tried to do, and very few people succeed. Describe the atmospheric and visual advantages of tape just does not make sense.
film of its kind and the content is a true personification of Christmas. Where the camera manages to catch the snow, snowmen, sales, excitement in the stores hosted by people and it makes one believe in the approach of the most wonderful holiday in the world. Each scene and each of the storylines is removed and set just fine. And most importantly, worthy of a separate full-length film. What has already been reduced to the format and timing constantly jumping installation, it creates an image of a very dynamic and dense pattern. Where there is a whole bunch of emotions, from the kindness and warmth to the positivity and joy. What is noticeable successfully secured a number damn beautiful and romantic moments taken that lead to the film Incredible finale. Where the last 15 minutes are the most intense and insanely happy for the whole movie. From what, the last 15 minutes to sit quietly on the tape in place becomes extremely difficult.
must agree that little what movie makes so strongly imbued with what they see on the screen. Especially given the fact that with all the gloss and the wonderful part of the picture, Richard made a bid for realism. In this connection, what is happening on the screen the entire film is perceived as stories of people like us. Hence the whole movie turns into a real spectacle of wonders, emotions and life destinies. Entertains seen as a truly funny moments, and the indescribable beauty of what is happening on the screen
-. The kids do not buy drugs. Become rock stars and get their gift (s)
main advantage of tape is that the film does not develop a typical storyline and there are several of them at once. Story of a widower who is trying to recover from the death of his wife and tells her adoptive son, how to get your favorite locations. History boss who is torn between his wife and mistress. History of the Prime Minister who falls in love with his secretary. Story of a young boy who fell in love with the wife of another. Story writer, who is recovering after the bride's infidelity and falls in love with her maid portuguese. The story of two actors who met on the set of a porn movie. History secretary, who is in love with his colleague and forced to give up on it because of the patient's brother. The history of the rock stars of the past, which is experiencing is not the best time of career and so goes on.
With so many different storylines pleased that the creators have developed each story and each character revealed equally well. From then, all the stories revealed the same and offer a look at the holiday in different ways. Which it is a rarity for a movie almanacs and movies a la collage of stories. The good news in this picture is that such an abundance of different stories, definitely distinguishes personal favorites, and those stories that are either close to the viewer, or are able to learn a lot. For me, the story of two porn actors seemed very pleasant. And the story of the writer and Portuguese so does the perfect love story. All stories have evolved close to reality, and from this, each of the characters, their actions and experiences perceived as real. Even in combination with a thin English humor, which is devoid of any or vulgarity and stupidity. And the jokes are so good that they caused genuine smile on his face, not stupid rzhach-long film. Encouraged and how creators tied fate of each of the characters with each other. What brought the film to the very firework finale. Where is the life story of each finished though and fabulous, but very happy face. And that was a reflection of the New Year's charms. After all, this is the day of the year when miracles happen, and when they should wait
-. Can we, Britain is a small country, but we are a great country. The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter, David Beckham, right foot and left foot naturally (a)
impresses here most is how the creators managed to attract such a huge number of talented actors and the stars that in their entire career, not just cross paths with each other. Keira Knightley, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson, Martin Freeman, Chivitel Edzhofor and many others played great. Very much like the Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam nisson and Alan Rickman, which is ideally approached their characters, and from this, they have been associated with their heroes. As for the Bill Nighy, it is embodied on the screen of the brightest characters in the film. Bill managed to perfectly embody the image of the rocker silly, even though he has a fairly severe appearance. Low bow and applause of all. Nobody pulled the strap of attention to himself and all incredibly good
-. For each of us there is only one person, our second half, without which life simply just empty and meaningless. And with it you open your eyes and you begin to live and feel every moment of this life (a)
Music Craig Armstrong is something indescribable. Purely orchestral music in the foreground playing the piano, wind and stringed instruments, which were given as the overture of indescribable beauty, and something truly magical. Music became a true reflection of the tapes of emotions and words to describe this shedevrialnuyu work, I can not. Some tracks Restaurant and Press Conference are worth. Against this background, the completion became the perfect and elegant selection of Various Artists soundtracks, which tracks fit various genres. One track Christmas Is All Around by Billy Mack is worth. That is simply a masterpiece
-. Colin you red and ugly Briton, Deal with it (a)
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very kind, warm, positive, funny, emotional, beautiful and very romantic Christmas comedy. Perhaps one of the best Christmas movies and a real masterpiece, which can be reviewed to infinity. Watch the movie definitely worth it. Especially on the eve of New Year and Christmas
PS:. I dedicate this review to his beloved. My sun, thank you that you are in my life and make it much brighter, richer, and happier. I love you
PS:. Congratulations to all a Happy New Year and wish you all the best. May the New Year bring you only happiness, luck, success and realization of all cherished desires.

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