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Louisiana Purchase I believe your Louisiana Purchase had been one of the greatest impacts onAmerican culture due to the large amount of land and exactly how it assisted our economy. In this report you'll see exactly how happy your united states of america is to have obtained this big lot from France. Their are many reasons why Napoleon must sell this large piece of land.Napoleon thought that land could possibly be a good asset on French when they knew what you should do with it. He didn’t wish to sell the Louisiana territory because he still had goals of experiencing a French empire in the usa. Now in time…show more content…

With New Orleans and Florida included in the Louisiana Purchase gave the People in the us a variety of ports for trading. And also this assisted america Navy, with these brand new ports the Americans could strengthen their protection and improve the navy. Currently the French were very poor and needed the funds so Jefferson knew he'd fully grasp this piece of land for a really inexpensive price. For fifteen million bucks the United States acquired Florida, the Mississippi river, brand new Orleans, Rocky Mountains, ocean ports, as well as the kilometers and kilometers of rich farmland all included the Louisiana Purchase. Overall every thing went smoothly, but there clearly was one small issue with this treaty. The problem was that Jefferson still failed to simply how much land which he really purchased. He knew it had been plenty but, couldn't know the exact specs or were it began and finished.Spain therefore the United States disputed over what land each one of them would get. The main issue inside dispute was, who does get Florida and who get Texas.Eventually united states of america threw in the towel claims to Texas so Spain could claim Texas. AfterSpain gained Texas they quit claims to Florida. The United States, immediately claimed Florida. All this ended up being called the Adams Onis Treaty of 1819.This had outstanding a great affect the US culture. The Louisiana territory had been bought by Thomas Jefferson from

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