"Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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Lock, Stock? and two Smoking Barrels
One of the most incredible success stories. After difficulties in providing financial support have been overcome, the debut picture of the Guy Ritchie has become one of the biggest domestic hits in the UK (in the 98th). Those who watch the movie Richie, find it almost perfect combination of violence and comedy. Kinda - O. Henry meets Quentin Tarantino, where the irony drips much more intense than the blood. While probably the audience picture Guy Ritchie came to mind the work of Quentin - 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction'. But, despite many similarities, Ritchie denies the influence of Tarantino. Instead, he calls his main inspiration. And, of course, not surprising that Guy, on top of that, would be inspired by the brilliant gangster films 70-80s. Given that Tarantino's movies, no matter how skillfully they are shot, how much I love them greatly, mainly derivatives. Therefore, it is possible that Richie could come to the same formula as their own, and as such a mixture of genres was in fashion - there is nothing surprising in the fact that his film has found its audience
Despite some similarities, this movie, really. actually, kind and softer than 'Pulp Fiction'. At that time, as there is no less violence, Ritchie method differs. All the most vicious acts occur behind the scenes. I see the consequences, but I do not have a genuine cruelty. It actually separates the viewer from the bloodshed, allowing us to see the material, part, cartoon light. On the other hand, it is easier to laugh when excessive luggage, graphic violence simply taken out of the equation. Movie contains language and specific language, in principle, but the problems and ideas are not so outrageous. If the criminal ranks in London are composed of similar failures as these, it is surprising that one of them succeeds. We are dealing with a quartet of crooks and thieves who scraped together enough money to get into a card game with high stakes, with an avid player named Harry "Ax". Eddie - poker expert, who, because of his ability to read people's reactions are almost never lose in a fair game. But Harry does not believe in fair play. When Eddie goof - they are in debt and they have only seven days ...
Despite the seemingly infinite number of sociopaths and villains, despite countless subtasks and tangential (most of which converge convenient), Ritchie film surprisingly streamlined . It takes only half an hour or so to get acquainted with all the characters, and even a little bit more to deal with many aspects of the story. How it will do two years later, Richie recreate memorable personality and crosses them with such an easy ease that the rest of his script writes itself. Of course, it is, in fact, reduced to a large-scale confrontation, which consists of at least ten (+/-) temperamental kids, but very joy that the director introduces this epic disassembly ... Death merges with joy, firing riddled wit and dialogues are filled with energy and clever diatribe. While greed and desperation are at the head of the history, Richie zaboristye with his sense of humor that prevails, increases the degree of presence of ruthless criminals. Sleek - it is not the right word. Rather stylized and extravagant, and Guy just brings the necessary confidence in his director. Confidence that I would expect from a more experienced director, and not of man, led by his first major statement.
As the film, to a large extent, rely on ironic plot twists, it would be unfair to tell you more. Suffice it to say that all of the above represents only a fairly brief background information. Of course, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the film is how Richie tells his story using as expected, and unexpected twists and turns to enhance the comic flavor. Until the end, the film manages to be unpredictable, and it does not lose the sense of humor. Generally, as for me, the combination of humor and bloodshed reminiscent approach Elmore Leonard
'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels "-. Dynamite from British writer-director-debutant Guy Ritchie. Accents such as indecent as the story, and that's what makes this colorful and wildly-biting thing work.

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