"Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I watched the film. Oddly enough -. Only now
read the reviews. First of all - the negative, in the context which has just capriciously foot rhetorical question: "Was there a boy?". And an overwhelming desire not just to join the majority and no less frantically shaking his head, and race with other quote in "stopetsyaty" just something from narodnolyubimogo: "Fuck us avtoispektor" and "get avtoispektsiya!"
very wanted. to prove that "the boy" is not just "was", and in this kid even multilevel charisma. And to prove that there is hidden the fact that thin .. and where thin, there is not always eager, but crawls in the eye of a needle ... Audience Choice broad enough audience ( according to one authoritative, but much mistaken Masculin-Fiction " KDDS. "- exclusively for alpha males )
Someone once said that in the details - god. In this logic, a brilliant debut Guy Ritchie has produced a god .. cinema. And he seemed to make a row Guy: "To hell with the" golden section ". You are driving on rails laid in the last century the Lumière brothers, and did not look there! "And he found something new. In a crazy combination of simple passages, perceived at the first signal system-level to very subtle ironic message across. In the game the actors. In the dialogues. The soundtracks. The movement of the camera. So, strokes, piercing "trifles". How will allow a review of the format.
special charm was involved since the "floating" of the dynamics of shooting acceleration-deceleration-catching runaway boys, cops and fixed gaze camera, relieving landing on water surface with orange carrot kegs angle "hooked on a tourist boat from Kathmandu "- from the bottom of the saucepan. Next it is impossible to put down. Gushing stream simply magic diagonal angles. Particularly subtle effect of "spying" and the presence of a fan radiating center lines. That shoots up at a poisonous red sign Harry-house, then pierces the hypotenuse of a top-down door cheerless places and departing on the next card kicks bankrupt.
mimic extravaganza at the card table in the house of the flying chips. The growing tension and hysteria extras players. Painful Indifference belmoglazogo Harry. And .. the most authentic adrenaline overdose loser loser Eddie exorbitant rate. What a brilliant allusion to the knockout! Disintegrating loops floating parallel ropes and indifferent faces staging behind nezhdanchik caught a kid. Since he left the ring on her .. But it was filmed! If the operator is powered from an overdose of a cranium divorce victim. And further, "the text" ...
approaching, tightly movement on the surface of the chamber wall side ... Crazy fokusiroka on belmovidnoy half of Harry's face ... Talk "right hand" Harry blunt nedobanditami flying saliva, and rests on the frame boundary powerful finger Barry, the size and profile of the proud not inferior to the best examples of the Ebon-lethal rubber products from the host desktop collection. And a lot of that is impressive ... But it is quite fascinating smart shooting playing pupils. Eddie. Harry. The villa, old age group worked in a narkooranzhereyah "students". And even littered with pillows sitting in a chair (or more precisely, on the edge of nirvana) Gloria, girly trick and very juicy and meaningful "Boo!". By the way, only in this pouchavstvovat Rififi a real "lady" as suddenly shooting "furniture".
of dialogue has already been said a lot and enthusiastically, but I was particularly bribed episode with an incredible evolution, "Soap". Eyes. Quite plague refinement. From a situation where so recognizable for somushketnikov he fidgeted and hysteria, "You did not say anything about the gun !!"
up ... Remember the amazing conversation about netaktiko technical characteristics musket ( "... They shoot - I do not know? . But so beautiful is true I like -.?. But this, of course, for us the most important thing ... ") followed by a brief statement of Eddie script attacks and" taking the baton "and offer to the ritual furious kick butt by Tom and then ... just phenomenal, almost Hamlet's message Soap: "..A t akzhe we need knives. Large and very shiny. Such, with some walking crocodiles. Knives are good because they work without noise. The less noise, the more convenient to use. Let the blood-BL! Let them see that we are not kidding. Guns - for Pontian, knives - for the cause .. "In the dangling silence the voice of Tom:" Soap does not tell us a little about yourself .. "Ashes from the cigarette in the ashtray, and" I do not understand what is more dangerous: you either work 'in! Bacon
performance ... I have long since laughed.
My "good mood" for a long time echoed. Especially as finely Beat the situation with the "explanation" of the main principle of the game of poker: bluffing, but do it calmly and confidently. "Chris has taken into account the fact that Tom had two loaded guns. And Tom - take into account the fact that they have not been charged. Therefore, nobody lost face. Tom went through another door and Chris left with the money ... "
And of course, insanely bright final scene, when a" shitty clue "seven hundred muskets again regained the status of the main characters. On Bridge. Over the Thames. All eyes Tom ... And in the teeth of a mobile phone ...
This is really outstanding movie for the most "motley" of the majority, which is very little that can be crossed with each other with their sinemanskimi preferences or even touch at all. Except for one point - point "KDDS".

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