"Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Today, Guy Ritchie really happy - he brings up his children, going to football matches of their favorite team, and of course do not forget about your skills to make beautiful films (in August, viewers will be able to evaluate his painting 'Agents AN KL 'featuring Henry Cavill Armie Hammer on the title roles, and in a year we will expect a new tale of King Arthur). However, I suggest you go back to the very beginning of the career of the British director and get acquainted with his debut film, which began climbing Guy Ritchie - "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'
What would make a fortune on a large, Tom Bacon, Soap. and Eddie have accumulated exactly 100 thousand pounds, and the latter had to take another step to victory, because he is a professional player. But still, as always, goes according to plan, and Eddie not only loses everything, but still needs a dangerous criminal named Harry-ax, and he gives the guy a little go-ahead to a week that would pay the debt and if the debt is paid not at the time or not paid, then Eddie and his friends will bully by the name of Barry 'Baptist'. And like in the minds of the characters there is a plan not only to pay the debt, but also make good money - to rob nerds producing marijuana - but they do not even know where it leads ...
For the director's chair sat the then unknown 30 year-old man by the name of Guy Ritchie, and I think that neither he nor anyone else just did not expect that the movie is not something that will pay off, but will be an excellent start for a career Richie. Of course, I look this film brings to mind the idea that Guy just drew inspiration from Quentin Tarantino films, but there is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather the opposite - the film contains all of Tarantino juices, time-tested, as well as a great atmosphere, which the director was replaced by the scene on his native England. The film is a little adventurous and from him and do not know what to expect - whether guys council in time or 'Baptist' really take up the matter? But here enters and genre of 'black' comedy, which discharges the film, adding he was not only the emotion experience for the characters, but also the moments not that easy smile, and the present and genuine laughter, and it affects not only the film's atmosphere, how much and the characters themselves. As well as directing, script, who wrote all the same debutant Richie is the very 'black' comedy - that thieves hired 'Baptist' cleaned out the owners of the house, stealing everything, as they say, that it was, but it was the 'two barrels' among them no, because these thieves sold the trunks of these buyers-up for a ridiculous cost (present as their price is ten times more due to the fact that the gun - a real antiques), and is not difficult to guess to whom the fall of these guns? Of course, the main characters. The film itself - is a kind of fate is not only the main characters, and many others, of which four of us, or does not know or does not know - and bandits, and Rory, nicknamed 'Lomschik' with his band, and 'Big Chris' and his son .. . a look at how the fate of everyone - what is interesting in this film, and with the seasoning in the form of a twist on the Guy Ritchie film looks, as they say, 'bang'. It is also worth mentioning the camera work, which for a newcomer Tim Maurice-Jones also turned into a real honor (he is in the future will work with Guy), as well as the work of composers zdorovski David Hughes and John Murphy.
Talking about the cast then I want to say at once that, for many, this project, as well as for the director, was the debut. So we can say and the main four of the film, played by Jason Flemyng, Nick Moran, Jason Steytema and Dexter Fletcher, who hardly differed at that time little experience in films - look at the top four is very interesting and fun, and it seems that these newcomers are playing it is not the first film, but it is certainly a hoax. Each of the characters perfectly shows your character, which in appearance, though similar, but nevertheless it is different, as well as the appropriate emotions - it gives the heroes a certain sympathy and attracts the viewer to the chair, and does not make him turn the TV off. Debut in the film and was attended by Vinnie Jones - the famous footballer, who plays for different successful and famous clubs of the English Premier League, and for him, as for the other debutants in general, the film became a huge step forward towards the career of the actor. Winnie famously plays such characters as 'extruder's debt' or a professional killer in the following Ritchie film 'Snatch' -. And there, and there it shows a great game
As for the awards, the list is very impressive - the 1998 film received 4 nominations from the 'British Independent film Award' for 'best British film', 'best screenplay', 'best Director' and 'most recoup the film', while receiving only the last, 'British Comedy Award' awarded the film for the 'best British comedy 'international festival in Tokyo awarded the Guy Ritchie s 'Best Director', and at the festival in Turin confined only one nomination for 'Best Picture'. In 1999, the film has received awards from the 'British Film Academy' (People's Choice Award, as well as a nomination in the category of 'Award Alexander Korda BAFTA for best film of the UK' and 'Best Film of the UK'), the Prize of 'Empire Award' (for 'Best the film Britain 'and' Best Newcomer 'by Vinnie Jones), Prize' London Critics Circle film Award '(for' Best film of the UK 'and' Best screenplay '), as well as the Award channel' MTV '(' Best directorial debut ' ). In 2000, the film expressed sympathy prize 'Golden Slate' ( 'Their most funny movie') and the premium 'Edgar' ( 'Best Screenplay') and the 'Sierra' Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards Niven Howie nominated in the category 'Best Editing'. ? What do you say, an impressive collection to debut
'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels "- is one of the most successful debut project, in which high-quality, a strong script and excellent direction of Guy Ritchie, cool music and camera work as well as super-duper game actors - debutants, which helped the film, as well as Guy Ritchie, go to a new level, a new height and the play is already on a grand scale. In my opinion, the film is pretty darn good and for such a debut - it's even more than just a great movie
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