"Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Now it seems that Guy Ritchie and sometimes offensive, sometimes peacefully, silly, sometimes ironic and bizarre characters have always been. And in fact, the heroes of this review to the whole cinematic add something from the late 90's. The former wife of Ritchie - Madonna - by then for many years was the uncrowned queen of pop. And Ritchie film is not removed, even a dozen, but the first of his films have already received cult status - whether there is a lot of films with such status, which a little more than ten years
hard to believe that this is the debut film - so frisky, witty, articulate, fun and wonder exactly it is done - without any loss of dynamics, with gathering together the whole variety of branching storylines and holding interest in each of them, with lightning-fast installation, Tagged characterization of several striking features of each character, with a fine, albeit cynical humor with stridently tnym action scenes, which, oddly enough, can fit in a single room - no car chases and mordobitiya, with amusing verbal picks, with some special caustically-ironic atmosphere of London's bottom, with amazing vitality on British soil grains Tarantino style, naturalness, which occur most idiotic events and charm, which allows the viewer to believe unconditionally in all occurring on the screen rubbish.
Richie graceful movement chef packed into one pot and Tarantino with its significant-razgovr s-no-for-nothing and Rodriguez with his rollicking bang-bang-cut-chop-action, and Besson with his brazen feeble imitation America, and some kind of a mask farcical theater where clowns successful and sincere mocking represent not the people, and archetypes - steep killer tugoumnogo guard, dangerous mobsters, Botany obkuryshey, idiots, crooks, and clip editing, which he has mastered over the years in show business, and the narration, which is peculiar to most epic story than a similar small-town brawl, and montipaytonovsky sardonic YuMO And motifs Westerns, and constant play with reality - Steytema hero sells counterfeit small change in the market, the hero Jones - intelligently rude, glavgad called 'Ax', whereas it is 'Ax' name was on the football field Jones for the rigidity of character, and father of one of the heroes - Sting clear and did not even ashamed
and all this vinaigrette brewed so that it becomes style, in fact - the brand name, they say, that's how it's cool we can do. By the way, in the year of release opinion on 'Maps' were the most different polarities, and is more common negative, they say, and the thief Richie and odnorazovik, and all king for a day. However, the time to dot the 'and'. Firstly, and Tarantino does not hide his 'epigones' in relation to many filmmakers and whole genres, so if Richie and copied something wizard that is not a fact, had every right to do. Secondly, in order to survive in the same film as story lines without destroying the composition without losing the vortex dynamics in the audience and keeping the memory of each character and of each of his actions - you need a lot of talent. So Richie mimicked or not, but in any case done with talent, vigorously and with great enthusiasm. And the films that are made with love, even over time, but find its audience. Now the 'Maps' is recommended to look at Film Institute, and sing his praises of the critics, the last in passing berating Ritchie movies, they say, here before something was Richie, and now, God forgive me, absolutely blown away. But here, the time and the audience will have their say
By the way, there is a perception that the pier, which of Ritchie films -. 'Maps' or 'Kush' look before the zapadet and soul, and the second vosprimesh a pathetic self-citations. Lies. I looked 'Cush' for a long time and I love him for many years. This is a more professional, measured, improved and sustained in a genre film. But the 'Maps' lay on the ground prepared them as easily and wonderfully at the moment having won my deepest sympathy. In this case, the same anecdote, repeated twice, still delights - perhaps because it is narrated in the same bright and rich colors in the same adoring boyfriend
course, Richie characters -. It is the juice of the film. There are no positive characters, but four young duraleya, to get involved in other people's business, after all, it is pretty, like, - that it is absolutely amazing - Vinnie Jones the hero. What? the guy does his job - and without unnecessary cruelty. It is even true. The same respect from the cleaner called 'Nikita', played by Jean Reno
funny look at the opening Richie -. Steytema that here that 'Kush' infinitely far from its current mask steep pepper. He immediately confused no less than the others and is uncomplaining victim of circumstances, and not the supreme arbiter. Steytema evolution of the hero of the simpleton of the English lower classes of English to be very interesting to watch Willis. Where else will lead his career, the more that the mask 'of the new Willis' seems to the viewer already fed
Well, the rest have coped with a bang -. None at all passing the role despite the fact that most of the characters - it is like lyudi- function, the circumstances for the main subject. But no, everything is built Richie that everyone here - needs and stands in its place, and may at any time to radically affect the film tells the story of
'English upstart' half-heartedly accepted in the United States, it looked 767 thousand Yankees. . But it worked great sundress, great reviews, a British accent and 'Snatch' saw nearly 6 million. Richie has become a real phenomenon in the film and come back here to stay, as reported by grand gathering of his last films, for which he, however, had to give up the lion's share of his artistic uniqueness
But his debut -. A brilliant ensemble movie 'Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels "- is not just a movie, and a small but sturdy brick in the building of a powerful figure of modern cinema. Not just a fashion film, event, untwist the flywheel with the potential to work in a dozen years - now sculpt the movies 'by Guy Ritchie' became fashionable and profitable business, the truth is so cool it works a little. And it just so happens that he is now part of a number of lists of 'most-most "and so often reminded the audience and the professionals that fit him to become' one of the best films in the history of cinema." That bend? OK OK. Just another wait. This film, brothers, come up with a long time ago - 70 years ago, it was called Noir, just like anyone else it had not occurred to shoot! In one jump Richie subdued height that many are trying to take a lot of years with the help of special effects, millions of dollars and world stars. It turns out that you can make your favorite movies and people without it! For courage, energy, enthusiasm and dedication of the grand debut of Richie and get ...
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