Literature Review: Organizational Behaviour Essay


Describe the various elements of personnel selection.



The aim of this paper is to study the various elements of personnel selection. The report addresses the properties or constructs of interviews as a selection measure.

Literature Review

Content Validity

Content validity refers to the level of accuracy of the measurement tool addresses to the specific construct. The measure ensures a full breadth of what the job requires.

Construct Validity

Construct validity is the degree to which the tool purports what it claims. For unstructured interviews, the main determinants are social skills and personality.

Criterion Validity

Criterion validity refers to the level of measure relates to an outcome. It measures if the personnel is meeting deadlines, performing effectively and various other constructs.

Implications of Research Evidence

According to Smith and Robertson (2001), the elements that affect personnel selection are personality and validity. The aim is to identify candidates most or less suitable for a particular organizational task.

According to Huffcutt, Conway, Roth and Stone (2001), there are seven constructs assessed in interviews for personnel selection. The seven constructs are general intelligence, applied mental skills, creativity, social skills, interests and preferences, organizational fit and physical attributes.

According to Roth and Huffcutt (2013), cognitive abilities such as understanding, reasoning and problem-solving play an important role in personnel selection.

Critical Analysis

Structured interviews have higher validity as they are more reliable than unstructured interviews. Job knowledge and organizational knowledge are better predictors. Cognitive abilities can be measured through job performance and success. The selection system could be benchmarked for yielding high validities.


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