Literary Style Of The Most Dangerous Game Novel Essay

The Most Dangerous Quickwrite

In the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell uses many methods to bring upon suspense during certain situations. The story is filled with these twist and turns throughout the story which lead the final stumble which dissolves all in the end. In this story we see Rainsford, a very clever man, outwit General Zaroff, which on the other hand is not so clever. The author creates many rising actions such as these two personalities clashing against each other as well as the intro introducing these ideas to foreshadow what is to come.

For one, it would be the way personalities intertwined with each other. As for an example, it is evident when it states, “Hunting? Good God, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder. The general laughed with entire good nature.” Pg. 49 This shows a quick window into both personalities within these two, one being ethical while the other being not so ethical. With how these two perspectives of life, it creates the atmosphere in which the reader must dive into. Having these “not right” feeling allows the reader to more easily transition from each action that General Zaroff’s presents to Rainsford. General Zaroff’s situation that he is currently in seems like something in his mind has ticked off, something has gone and tilt and is far from recovery. As for Rainsford however, it is evident in the quote above that this ethical man knows what is happening; what is placed upon him when arriving seems like this magnificent place that seems a little too perfect. As this is presented it foreshadows the darkness that will soon become an arrival which shall determines his fate. As a result we are left with this, an atmosphere in which is tinkered and molded by General Zaroff, both personalities bouncing off of each other as the story progresses and unfolds.

The introduction is important as the ending as it can as well set the mood for the reader shall be presented with. The introduction in this story however, foreshadows of what is to come and is seen when it says, “A suggestive name, isn’t it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place I don’t know why. Some superstition-” Pg. 39 This example shows us what tone the story sets in and in this case it is this very mysterious island in which many are curious of. This is the first way the author builds suspense as he likes to create murky situations for the reader. The reader on the other hand is on this exponential growth of twist and turns until it all boils down at the conclusion. This introduction shows us that they are very evident of this island being strange and uncanny. We are left with these men on a boat where everything is going right, they are joking around but this sudden snap of unknown hits Rainsford further creating these actions in which allow the reader to question of what is going to happen next. This intro fits perfectly as without it we would be left with little to no information of what perspective sailors have of this island and having multiple perspectives are vital as it gives an insight of what each person views a certain idea or object. As a result, this introduction is the cup for which holds the story together, bringing these ideas in early so our understanding of it comes much more easily later.

The story builds up many things for the conclusion where everything is resolved, we see that when boastfulness competes with the wise, the wise always comes first as this brings this atmosphere which adds to the blocks of suspense. The introduction creates ideas and foreshadows what will be present later on in the story and overall creates the mold for which it holds. The story shows us this and much more, but it captures how two hunters are placed in a situation where there is a never ending maze

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