"Limitless" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As from nobody wants a failure to become a millionaire and quite a successful person? The life experience of many generations, shows that nothing is impossible. The key to success - diligence, hard work and dedication. But these postulates have irrelevant to the film (unless they have enjoyed Carl Van Loon, when equip own life). Well, what about this think Neil Burger (or, to be precise, the Alan Glynn ), you can learn by watching the film 'Limitless' (aka 'Limitless').
laid in a film idea that 'nothing in the world is not given just' or 'patience and a little effort "would be quite normal, but the way we presented everything in this picture completely changes this popular belief system. Frankly speaking, this happens: we are introduced to the main character, a man named Eddie Morra. Although at the beginning of the film he looks like a vegetable, because he can not (or rather I do not want ) do absolutely nothing to raise your meaningless life to a new level (well, or just to make money). At one point in his way he met a person from whom he did not expect to receive any help - the brother of his ex. Eddie offers the way out of all his troubles - the latest achievements of pharmacology, NZT pill that gives you access to the hidden potential of the brain (in fact we use it only a few percent of 100). Morra takes it and opens a new world, where he can do just about anything, thanks to the new opportunities. His boundless erudition level helps him write the book (that was his main profession). And this is a turning point in his life, in every sense of the word. On the one hand he got what dream all - money, respect, power, well, the other - the eternal search for a new dose, since the drug NZT is a very unpleasant side effects
good storyline for a thriller, is not it.? I think very few people will deny this fact. In the end, from the popular belief that the best thriller should be some detective film can move, starting at least from this picture. This film - a kind of offshoot of the 'established' features of the genre. But despite this, 'Limitless' retains a quality that is essential for the thriller - keeps in suspense. Escape from the 'chains' of the film during the first viewing is impossible. This is probably due to its interesting, especially the plot.
But something is wrong here. There can not be such a perfect film. A good thriller, gives an interesting idea, actor's game at a high level (especially stands out Robert De Niro, who has long established itself as a 'top-class actor'). But the film has shortcomings. Under very beautiful cover it conceals the fact that plunges many into raging anger. And it contains something in the end, which is enough to say simply that it does not justify expectations. Of course, many will see Eddie in a good guy, but there is a question: 'And what he has earned his success?'. He did nothing, lay yourself on the couch, and then fell on him money and limitless possibilities. Yes, he repeatedly found himself in a very unpleasant situations experienced breaking lived 'from tablet to tablet. " But there was a feeling that it was not in darkness, that was a fleeting glimpse of euphoria and the rise of the level of intelligence. Quite the contrary. The film is constructed so that among the 'sea luck and success' fleeting problems occur in the form of the same fragile. And the concept of 'be honest - Bring It On' is undergoing tremendous changes
In this film there are a few subplots, not playing the role of the principal, but that their importance does not diminish.. Their lack of unfinished. Believe me, any spectator would be more pleasant, or even clearer if he had learned a few more details that could only have decorated this film, making it the most droplets that would be alienated his status he is not fully completed.
Actions (fashionable word - action) is not so much, but this film is not getting worse, but rather the opposite. This emphasizes the ability to play on the strings director Audience shower and cling to them for the most important. It is not always a movie where the hero is given to active measures only the last quarter of timing, can gather a large audience, and even more interest. More important place is given to the transfer of state hero, his position, his experiences and feelings
Author's remarks:.
With the question: 'Is the movie worth it to spend it your precious time? ' - the answer is obvious. Of course. Despite some moments that do not enjoy the film very interesting and unique. In addition I would like to highlight the character of Robert De Niro (not the actor, but it was his hero), who tried in every way possible to achieve its goal - to reach the heights of his career - and has successfully coped with this. This person is close to the reference in terms of purpose (but not morals). Carl Van Loon contrasted with Eddie, and of course in my opinion, should be above the successful writer, although the second is to yourself at least empathy. And, of course, higher than the average score: 8 out of 10

Even with the IQ, like me, can be calculated. I missed something .. I was very close to have an impact on the whole world ... And now, all that I can have an impact - a sidewalk (s).

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