"Limitless" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The decision on compulsory viewing "areas of darkness" has appeared at me after I saw the trailer that I was able to instantly interested. I do not remember, but, whether on the same day, or after two or three days after the trailer, the movie I watched. Impressions weight. But first things first.
Firstly, what really got interesting is the story itself, the movie plot. The share of originality is clearly there that can not but rejoice, in view of the fact that today a lot of movies coming out with surprising regularity, which does not even try to surprise his audience with something original. "Limitless" clearly stands out among similar to it genres
Thus, the main character - a. A promising writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), who, despite of its potential and rich imagination, in the beginning of the film appeared in the form of a typical loser which is already a few months of his life holds nothing, waiting for inspiration. Here our hero to much luck. Suddenly, in one of those gray, joyless days, Eddie meets his old friend who offers him a solution to all problems that bother the hapless writer - a wonder drug that allows to use all possibilities of the brain ... Eddie agrees. After which the hero Cooper instantly transformed, before it opens bright quickening the world comes to him the inspiration for writing the book, he feels refreshed independent invincible, ready to do great deeds, etc. The consequences of such a life hero, of course, will think later ... From
genre filmmakers have focused on fiction, thriller, detective, miss, perhaps, the drama. This genre would clearly not prevented, because, as the film simply did not have enough bit depth understanding of what is happening. In fact, the only friend of the protagonist thinks about the consequences of taking the pills from a position of philosophy. While the hero is only concerned with the question of how to prevent side effects from a purely physiological point of view
Not to say that the film is very much suffering from a lack of philosophical understanding of the problem:. "And if there is border / limit of human capabilities? "But somehow draw attention to something that will be with the human brain, leveraging all of its internal resources, the creators decided not to. The fact that the studies on the psychology of the child prodigies, expressed an interesting thought about very talented individuals on why the greatest men die early, often deprived of reason. It turns out that people such as geeks, using the potential of their brain more than normal people react to is much more emotional. These people want to reach the very top, because they know their potential and the limitless possibilities of the intelligence, with the result that they often happen nervous breakdown, emotional stress, which affects, in general, the body's health. Why in the film did not pay attention to the fact that in addition to ecstasy can feel the person who remembers and recalls just about anything with a maximum speed, which instantly finds a way out of any situation, she speaks several languages. Well, maybe a purely physiological exhaustion of the hero is not (before the side effects), but the emotional strain even once it has started to weigh? But this is so, my speculation on this subject, if it is not, therefore, the creators of this fact was not intended.
What else is in the movie exactly like is the visual range, saturated colors, which colors the world around us, when someone on the screen takes miraculous tablet. Also kind of a crowded city with a bird's-eye view, but also a great soundtrack, speed up video and a host of artistic and technical tricks to believe in the complete transformation of the existing world under the influence of the drug.
Acting commendable. Bradley Cooper was impressed with his play, impressively portraying two kinds of people when it plain unlucky unshaven man, engaged in doing nothing in his cluttered apartment, and when it is transformed into a completely different person, ambitious smart elegant attractive man capable of making millions.
With regard Robert De Niro, he liked me too, here, a kind of serious uncle in an expensive suit, dreams of power and money. But here it was unforgivable little. Its infrequent occurrence in the frame can be compared with Monica Bellucci in the movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" where the famous actress has appeared only in a few episodes. I felt that De Niro as Bellucci, these films were invited to the slope. They say, look, what the stars are shot here. But to blame the creators of this probably should not be. Leaves a huge number of films, the spectator must somehow lure for viewing. And if the idea of ​​the plot will fall potential viewers do not like, or at least famous actors starring attract their audience.
But for that to be a little to scold creators for is the ending. Too it is improbable that whether or too easy ... I do not know. Generally speaking, it is felt defect, compared with an intriguing beginning, the middle, with a dynamic, ending out some indistinct.
Despite the nuances and drawbacks, which in the course of the film, I had time to notice, nevertheless the film released Neil Burger good. At least he is not deprived of good visuals, great soundtrack, a good game of actors and is really something original. Many of the original plot turns and twists allow safely wonder what they see and experience for the heroes. And this is a lot.
8 out of 10

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