"Limitless" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In the distant cloudy Hrenlyandii have stormy ominous Titma river, in the dark waters of the magic that lives Vobla of transparent scales that make the miracle medicine for the weak-minded. Feeble-minded under the influence of drugs ruthlessly getting smarter, beginning to earn money on almost everything, from the sale of melons and stone, finishing virtuoso on the financial markets. At the least, and a fairy tale ending, but there are some things in life are inevitable, like death and taxes, and in particular, the notorious global balance that even the Magic Voblyi fool can not. And so, through not the longest time, the latter-day geniuses, in the best tradition of the late Algernon begin frantically become blunt and degrade back, but not to your usual level of average imbitsil and worse - dullness process puts them at the very bottom: the unfortunate start to listen Justin Bieber and buy jewelry in the shops on the couch. And soon gave up the ghost at all from anyone unknown ailments
unknown to science circumstances miracle pills come in civilian clothes Connection Americans, which is home to the main character of the film indicated -. Eddie Morra, a middle-aged man, not budding, and large - dried fruit and writer that trades in idleness and lack of talent, staying in inconsolable affair with alcohol, in anticipation of the inspiration for the literary novel, hoping that at least with this novel something will work out, because the love-affair went home Plywood over Paris, as it strongly resembles the beloved -. Business and successful business woman with the face of Abbie Cornish
But, barely aware of their futility and misery, Eddie on his life's journey meets Rumpelstiltskin emitted from sewage suspicious and unpleasant to look at the type that turns out to be his brother-another former now promyschlyayuschy magic scales, which according to him allegedly allowed US Rosgosstrakh. Broken, Bradley Cooper still takes a pill, why suddenly umneet, fuck asian, filling the hitherto gloomy picture with all the colors of the rainbow. This is none other than the director's deft move, designed to help the viewer distinguish between mental states Cooper once fragile minded fool and a genius generating a fountain of bliss. Such pseudo-original director's revelations in the movie whole handful, but the director gastronomic name loves them so much, or so feels a beacon and a genius that puts them indiscriminately at any time, so the audience will not happy every five minutes to watch cloned Cooper suggestive procedure in your closet, or committing another brilliant trip. It would be worthwhile to use multiplied Cooper and in numerous sex scenes without nudity, for rating children, but those already hunted Dr. Pipiskin of "Keepers" Zack Snyder when pampered Lego-woman, but fortunately for such blatant secondary Burger did not have pepper.
However, even without the optional, but very witty parallels with the "Keepers", the director-sandwich so zealously trying to make the movie as much as possible "original" and variegated that does not leave any stone from the film identity, a single gram of sanity, etc. Evra potentially interesting films in a timid and cowardly parody of "99 francs", though the adventures Octave Parang else spectacle, but there's the director, at least did not try to eat fish and known to sit on it. Burger, if throw it "fresh" and "breathtaking" stunts secondary and absurd totally, especially on the part of one of the main conflicts where predominates caricatured and stereotyped zloy ryussky Gopnik Nicholas that coincidentally took a sip of genius, and, of course, wants even more and preferably nothing. What is extremely hyped move used throughout the ubiquitous as the comics, where some sucker along with the main hero will receive silushku heroic, but, unlike horoshist will not save people, and eat the earth and suprotiv that will kill people, and in land and does walk. In the end, the two newly minted Superman inevitably shlestnutsya in cross section frantic and chop each other to hell. Needless to say how cheap and funny tricks look like in the movies posuroznee than in superhero obscurantism.
Will and ultimately sterile love line, where mentally pumped steroids Cooper will navorstvyvat famously lost along the way and wanting to get world domination, but exhausting Voblyi with Titmy land in the area of ​​darkness, where memory is conditional and is negligible, and the world is illusory and meaningless, as the film for the most part, like the original, which in reality is nothing more than a superficial tabloid retelling m Daniel Keyes and his "Flowers for Algernon". Vowing duck, flavored eggs Faberge, director at the outlet filed only as salted burger with underdone cutlet.
Devil romance pills, meanwhile, was only in the fact that they hardly make smarter than their victims in a global sense, if of desire - in the long run, because it is only used on the whole entire life life void of understanding the brain in one sitting, after which the brain was scattered as expected - it would be like to drink a year's supply of alcohol per day. People happily ran, they were glad of his genius, but by drinking cup to the bottom, taken listen Stas Mikhailov and hate African-Americans. The circle has closed, leaving only darkness and emptiness of the field behind. Void birthday is Eddie Morra for predictable reasons to celebrate after a year in a different place and in a different way, slyly winking at the viewer. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to all of us.

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