"Limitless" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I think every person in their lives striving to achieve some results, improving their personal abilities and skills, the development of a comprehensive and multi-faceted personality, as much as possible adapted to the modern pace of life. All of us in varying degrees, to get an education, creative samorealizuemsya, try to broaden your horizons, do we are interested in hobbies, to get a job, expanding the experience and scope of its activities in order to gain recognition in society, grow in personal, professional and career plan, to achieve some of the goals and objectives. In other words, people tend to worry-free, successful and happy life, but here are ways and means of realizing their desires are different. Someone in one way or another is making headway in the "big world" their own work and perseverance, and someone wants to get everything at once, without really straining. "Limitless" just shows the lighter and, I would say, "low" way to achieve happiness and well-being, leaving the viewer right to reflect how best to proceed, and which way is the most effective and fruitful!
So, I want to say what I generally liked the movie. Rather unusual and, I would say he has a creative story, even despite the fact that some of the nuances in the film there! Throughout the film, we will observe the actions of a slacker and lazy Eddie, in whose hands get miraculous experimental tabletochki taking one of them, the human brain is lightning begins to work with a vengeance, making, thus, of his master's quirky and erudite genius with " super powers "because the average person is not given as quickly process information.
Events are developing quite exciting and fun. Very interesting show plain, faded, not how it is released reality, and opposite her bright, saturated world that appears at the moment when Eddie takes the pill. The main character, played brilliantly and, in my opinion, quite realistically played by Bradley Cooper, very impressively managed to convey two very different images: a running or non-assembled razgildyaya, and an independent and self-confident craftsman-bouncer, who made a name for themselves. I must admit that sometimes it caused me some empathy, but is basically the same no pity and sympathy for him not to feel, as in almost everything that happened to Eddie, but he is guilty, and no one else! The main character deliberately addicted to the artificial improvement of mental activity of the organism, without a moment's hesitation about what to anything of progress he did not put their own efforts, not feel that is how difficult it is to achieve those results, and the position that he was able to reach for a few days without any special effort! Also surprised me is that he is not worried about what the side effects might be these tablets, what harm it can cause your body by taking them. And in general, then he would be in such a situation when it is not able to take a single pill! What then to do? However, the main character is not particularly worried, especially since he will come up later, what means to solve the limitations of the drug problem. What do I want out of all this say for the character interesting to watch, though, whether he will be able to get out of another scrape, but no sympathy for himself, he does not cause
Very I hope that in the final idea of ​​the film is competently! transmitted by that Eddie realizes what mistakes he had committed, aware of the falseness and unnaturalness of the state in which he comes round the clock, and the life he leads! The very ending is received generally quite unexpected and sudden, in a moment dispelled all my assumptions. Watching the final intriguing scene and waiting for the further development of action-event, I did not have time to blink an eye, as we have already gone titles! This, I think, is the main disadvantage of the picture. Where then is the disclosure of the basic idea of ​​the film, an instructive moment, so to speak, if the protagonist did not comprehend all the artificiality of its existence, in fact left the empty place, absolutely nothing have achieved on its own, which it was at the beginning of the movie 'no dosage' !
After watching, I once again all replayed in his head and still come to the conclusion that morality is something there! I remembered a very good scene when one of the characters (I will not disclose who it was) adopted the "smart" pill because of the circumstances. Then, when he had returned to its normal state, it really scared the action of this drug, and refused to accept it! These so-called "superpowers" just scared him when he said that committed such acts, which would never have thought of in the normal state, realizing the abnormal and unnatural acts tablets, and realizing that the man after 'taking a dose of' it becomes not what he once was. By this decision, this character has caused indescribable delight and sympathy for me, because it does not succumb to the temptation and decided to stay with "his head" on his shoulders. Actually then I saw the moral: the audience, analyzing all the events taking place around Eddie, as well as those acts which he committed, he must decide which way the most reliable! Each person selects his key to success
Summary «Limitless" -. Intriguing, exciting and a bit weird movie with an interesting, non-standard material feed and a very original story. It shows the history of ultra-fast getting rich, and move up the career ladder the person who is actually a jerk and a bum, but by chance, who found an easy way to success. How effective and correct such changes, each member of the audience, I think, will decide for himself, but also be able to evaluate all the solutions adopted by the protagonist. The main disadvantage of the film - it is a little jammed and an open ending that does not put a fat point in this story. But in general, I believe that the movie deserves the following assessment:
8 out of 10

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