"Limitless" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

That's really what I do not like all this parable, allegory, allegorical, but in "Limitless" I was lucky enough to see the second bottom, something that lies at the level of perception is much more transparent round tabletochek. I realized that tabletochki might symbolize.
film I liked. Not once did I have any desire to press the button on the player, "Pause" and get a refreshing never occurred to enable the accelerated playback to skip tightened, boring, stupid or inappropriate scenes. The plot appeared clearly ranked, and the film itself - correctly mounted. In total, it was the best of just enough to understand the motives that guided the hero. Visual effects appear just when demanded by the story, but not when in the opinion of the creators of the movie the audience would have to get bored and look away from the screen in search of another bucket of popcorn. For the first time in a long time I was fortunate to see the motion picture as something whole, not as a standard set supplied: script, direction, camera work, the team of actors, music, special effects. Sets are very good and they are very nice to disassemble the bones. But "Limitless" I did not want to dismantle - the product is ready for consumption without further processing
Last but not least is the merit of Bradley Cooper.. I looked at him and thought, that's it such a person may be at the loser writer and speculator on Wall Street, and descended a drug addict and a young politician, the labeling on the place of the president. But the face - that's not all. There is posture, gait, gestures, facial expressions. And every time they Cooper match the specific image. His scruffy writer Eddie was with a bunch of empty ideas in my head and walked, his shoulders slumping. His Eddie was a businessman and openly staring into the eyes of competitors and partners. Eddie was a coward addict who nervously looked for another dose of the stimulant. And then Eddie was a senator, who counter people gave way almost from the bow. Different movie character Eddie -. And versatile actor Bradley Cooper
The plot of the film, without a doubt, Cooper gave ample opportunity for self-realization. The hero has moved in leaps and bounds to the top of the world thanks to coincidence. Mysterious chemicals, which he accepted, forced his brain to work not on the standard 20% and 100%. One tablet per day - and any obstacles that you see in front of him before, inexplicably transformed into the stairs leading up. All the knowledge that you've ever learned, are formed into a single harmonious system, and the system works for you. The main thing - to observe the dose and not to lose their heads, because the consequences can be catastrophic. They will be fatal
Here lies the main question. What about the movie? About drug propaganda? Or that without additional stimulation of a person no matter what is not suitable? Or that everything has to be paid for? And maybe that everything in life goes to people who do not deserve it?
Actually, film criticism comes down to answering such questions. Yeah, bad movie, because it promotes drugs, proves human worthlessness, meanness of his desires, and poverty of opportunities, and it's a movie about a blue-eyed pretty boy-villain (Hollywood shame!), Who did not deserve her posh life.
beg I agree with this position. I'm more inclined to think that the pills that were at Eddie in your hands - it's a generous gift. So powerful that it is able and help, and destroy the one who owns it. Yes, he is ugly, even a dangerous form of tablets. Its effect is similar to the synthetic drug action. But if you make an analogy, the tablet is almost the same as winning the lottery, a magic wand or Tsvetik-semitsvetik: dispose of the power that they give is completely different ways. You can spend it on a golden toilet and a salute of red caviar, but you can set yourself a specific goal and planned to go to it, without destroying either himself or others.
I think that it's a movie and shows. Eddie is faced with a number of people who are also taking NZT pill. And what is interesting: a tablet-the same, and the results, which leads them to the reception, different. A lot of people taking NZT, seriously ill, or died. The former wife of Eddie, clever, beautiful and star parties, has slipped to the bottom: the action of the drug was scaring her rejection of him has led to disastrous consequences, and now she's at thirty like a beggar. Eddy current girlfriend took only one pill and was horrified that man how has become. Horrified and refused admission for all. Petty gangsters who owe Eddie, decided to radically rethink their methods and turned from dullish bandit in this sadist who directs cold calculation. Eddie himself has gone through a lot, but survived. Was he got another batch of tablets as suggested his ex-wife? I doubt. All the others took the drug, and enjoy life. Eddie just experienced the negative effects, take measures to ensure that the light side effects and dependence on the supplier tablets there. NZT incredibly increases the speed of thought. This is a unique racing car. And all those who accrue to it, drove forward with the wind, not thinking about the amount of fuel and traffic rules. And race always ended in an accident. And Eddie, testing the toy, made the motion plan, estimated resources and studied the route. Dangerous substance became a tool. So for me the events shown in "Limitless" symbolic. I do not see this film as propaganda addiction or a slap in the face of hard-working people. NZT is just a tool. Technology. Tools, if you will, and only depends on you, you possess them or it owns you.
I must say that while watching I had a feeling as if the fortunes of Eddie is about to come to an end. This is especially true impression intensified at the end. And I waited for Eddie shot by somebody or he simply falls over dead, as soaked body chemistry will refuse to work. A general open ending made me think that the movie suggests a sequel, even though such bands usually do not get the multi sagas. Hopefully, the creators of "Limitless" deliberately made such a step: Let the finals will be history for each spectator in the same individual as the effects of NZT reception
8 out of 10.

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