Light in life Essay

Religion does not forbid something to do if it does not damage the soul. Religion does not say, if the order does not bring a happy and happy soul. Be you human who at your birth everyone laughs happily, but only you alone cry and at your death everyone cries sad, but only you yourself smile. Whatever our circumstances, want to be sad, happy, time never stops waiting. Time is running. Isn't life itself happy and sad? Happy because the breath flows and the heart beats, sad because the mind is filled with shadows.

Don't wait to be happy to smile but smile to be happy. How happy when we sit in the palace, you and me",

Two figures and two bodies but only one soul, you and me. Torture suffering and a thousand happy buried in the mystery of love",

many people are lulled and struck without knowing the essence of love. That's right, in certain situations, lies can save relationships, and honestly it destroys them. But still, choose honesty. Then let the rest flow like water, maybe the ending is still lasting and happy. When we laugh, only we know exactly whether laughter is happy or not. Maybe we are laughing in all sadness. Other people only see faces.


Never fall in love when it rains. Because when you are broken tomorrow after tomorrow, every time the rain falls, you will be reminded of that painful event. When other people happily stare at the rain, you actually feel sad looking out the window. When forgetting you is just as complicated as forgetting rain. When feeling happy and sick at the same time, feel confident and doubtful in one breath, feel happy and anxious simultaneously. Is this what is called falling in love?

Memories of first love are indeed hard to forget. That's when love really finds its sincerity, when love transforms into a part that brings positive energy to someone. Unfortunately, not all first love ends happily. Some were held in silence, some were held back because they were embarrassed to be revealed. I'm definitely not the first person who is only able to hide and keep quiet. Love you is happy & sad; happy because of having you in heart; sad because we often separate. Forget the past. Life goes on, who can make you happy, that's what you deserve. It's not our business to make the whole earth uniform. Our job is to live comfortably, peacefully, happily, with these differences.


Knowing beauty and being able to express that beauty to others is happy. Don't let everyone who comes to you leave without feeling better and happier. Be an expression of life from God's goodness. Goodness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile. Because life is too short to let others determine what makes us happy. If there is still something that can make you happy or suffer, that is the sign that the key to life is still held by others. An owner holds the key himself. If you never put out your true potential, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life. Appropriate feelings can thrive in situations where individual differences are valued, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, rules are flexible. This type of situation is only found in happy families. Not because of a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes relationships unhappy.


One type of spiritual arrogance is when people think that they can be happy without money. The person who can use and save money is the happiest person, because he has both pleasures.

Gaining wisdom is not just a theoretical activity, we do not become wise, clean and happy because we read the user guide whose title starts with "How to ..."; we have to jump in, sometimes drift or swim in experience, we must be in practice and action, in contemplation and feeling: the test and results are determined there.

The purpose of our life is to feel happy. I don't follow the trend. I use things that I can see in the next thirty years and I am happy with that. If someone loves one star among millions of other stars, that is enough to make him happy when he sees stars. Spread love wherever you go. Don't anyone come to see you without being happier when you leave.


Don't spend your time on him who keeps you hurt, when someone is out there waiting for you to be happy. Not always love is full of clarity. Not always love is sure, it must be black and definitely white. Definitely suffering and definitely happy. Definitely fall in love and surely don't fall in love. Definitely happy and definitely disappointed. Must be invented and definitely broke up. Hold to suffer the bitterness of life so that suffering into wealth is happy. If you want to be happy, don't let the past bother you. You may look back, but don't bring it back. I'm just happy with being who I am, loving you consciously and patiently, creating happiness on my feet.

As long as he is happy, I will also be happy. As simple as that. Happy when successfully scratching every part that itches, those who are always passionate in their lives are full enough with all their efforts, accept, be grateful and surrender to Him. Who knows and obeys God, then he will be happy even though he is in a pitch black prison. And who is negligent and forgets God, he will be miserable even though he is in a magnificent, charming palace.

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