TEST “Life’s Purpose” Statements
Some details had been changed to full cover up the authors’ identities
Requirement 6. My aspirations and Life Purpose
Starting my scouting adventures in Cub Scouts I hav e advanced significantly since earning my
first badge. When I expanded older and moved from Cub Sc outing to Boy Scouts I began to take on new
responsibilities and learn brand new things. Within begi nning once I first joined Boy Scouts we
learned how exactly to connect various knots and make use of them at ca mpouts for setting up tents, but as I
became more and more experienced I started teaching more youthful scouts how to tie the knots
instead. Slowly we begun to realize that as progressively of older Scouts graduated,
Scouts have been my age had to step-up into the posi tions which were put aside. Over the
course associated with the years we enjoyed being the Librarian, Patrol Leader, and lastly Crew President.
Crew President was essentially the most interesting an d fun position that I'd. I acquired to
lead a group of high school guys who met up t o explore the troops activities and plan
different team activities. Organizing every thing w ith Mr. Jones at the time I got a feel of just what it
was want to be in cost of this group by calling age veryone to remind them of events and making
a large amount of the last plans.
Finishing up Boy Scouts, I still have an entire life in front of me personally. The abilities that I have
learned from Scouting will surely gain me when I experience new things in life. Of course
looking ahead i've numerous objectives that I would like to complete. 5 to 10 years down the road
I want to have an effective job with a goo d pay, a decent house, your pet dog, and eventually a
family. Sounds like the “American dream” but who d oesn’t want that? On route to
accomplishing my goals i will need certainly to get thr ough college first though. At the time of right now I
am applying to Illinois State University. I'm lea ning toward a science related major in
biotechnology or pre-med.
Aside from completing university and having an excellent automobile eer I would personally would also like to help
contribute to my community which help others. Once I mature I want to be involved in
volunteer teams like United Way or something like that that will assist individuals in need regardless of how
small of a contribution I make. In scouting I have learned to be helpful, friendly, and
trustworthy just to name a couple of. Many of these trai ts likely have originate from being involved
deeply with community solution. After all the ho urs that i've put into community solution I
find it worthwhile because by the end associated with the time som ething has been achieved for the
better and everyone is pleased.
In summary even though my scouting days are numbere d i am going to perhaps not lose sight of just what I
have removed from this great experience. Whatever path we drop i'll make use of my scouting to
leave this earth in an improved destination than it had been whe n I arrived. I would like to have an excellent effect on
my family, on my society, and the individuals around me.
Eagle Application lifetime Purpose Statement / Resume
My plans for highschool and beyond are probably di fferent from desires and
ambitions on most children. Some kids want to go into a field that may secure a secure task that
involves sitting behind a desk. Other people study their occupation right out of high school, and land a
physical labor job or solution task. I, however, aspire to complete graduate school and
go to the industry of chemistry. When I first decide d this, I asked, just what jobs are in chemistry?
There are really only the select few that work on letter ational research laboratories such as for instance Argonne
and the chemistry teachers in college. As far as I would like to make researching the world
and it’s inner workings my task, the probabilities are sli m to none, and besides, the lure of computer
science seemed progressively promising each day. S o in the long run, i shall major in chemistry,
with the motives of entering a pc scienc age field become on innovative of
technology. But ultimately, my goal should discover and master the ways of the world, and also to have
my very own enormous breakthrough inside clinical comm unity. The possibilities are one in a million,
but there’s the possibility i possibly could change the globe once we understand it, and I also retain that whenever I study.
If We fall short of the mountain of a goal, i'll land easily into the range of investigating and
studying the topic We find most fascinating, and pos sibly also teaching it.
As that work progresses, i'll find some body and som ewhere once I wish to settle down,
have a family, and bring scouting into my children’ s lives, child. I am hoping to be a really caring
husband and daddy, but take some time out to accomplish my own hobbies. I will be grateful for the way my
parents raised me personally, and would like to pass that on t o my personal kids. I was constantly pushed to
do bigger and better things than We knew I became capab le of, and whatever my choice, be it
joining gymnastics, choir, or studying physics, my parents supported me personally 100percent of method.
Unlike some moms and dads, whom decide the ongoing future of the youngster straight away, i really hope to help
influence — yet not control — the ongoing future of my own.
I desire to remain in touch utilizing the gambling globe, so when we become a parent, not
only am I going to enjoy myself, but i am capable und erstand what my children say! I find that
even though We play ample game titles, th ey unwind me and I locate them exciting and
interesting. I as soon as thought i desired become a graphi c designer for the gaming industry, which
shows exactly how passionate i will be about games. I might n’t want to lose such a phenomenal hobby as
gaming. Being in choir changed my life and shaped me personally into whom i will be today. I will be more
outgoing and talkative since i've overcome my fears of being before people who I
don’t know, and I feel that the passion i've for singing assists me concentrate and learn good
practicing habits that I otherwise might not have. Once I find something like singing that we truly
love to complete, I set my brain to becoming better and do ing as much as I can to engage. While in
college, i am hoping I can join the musical theater prog ram, the show choir program, and on occasion even just the
plain old curricular/extracurricular choirs, becaus age having a life without singing wouldn’t be a
life at all.
As for talents i am hoping to produce, they will probabl y remain the same as the ones I
developed as students in high school. I wish to learn your guitar, piano, and drums, when I
find a song I like, I am able to have fun with the components to it whil age We sing, and perchance also record all my parts
and put them together to produce a cover for the track. I’ve always wanted to be able to place my
own spin on a song, and perform the entire track myself, then see what others think
of it. Once I figured out I wanted to repeat this, we seriously considered it, and developed the
guitar, piano and drums once the three key tool s i will learn so that you can effectively
create my own one individual musical organization. In addition to learn ing multiple instruments, i really hope to 1 day
be in a position to run a marathon, or in addition to this, do a tria thlon, or… dare We say it? An ironman! I adore to
run, plus it would be a shame to note that talent and love go to waste, so I will stay running
as We get older, but i really hope that as time progre sses, this skill grows and grows into the
ability to operate longer and longer distances, so I ca n one day run complete marathons.
Leadership jobs and experiences: — Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – we assisted the S PL in their duties, and took their destination when
he had been absent. Typically, I did this more i n my 2nd term because I knew
what needed probably the most help from my experiences as SP L.
— Patrol Leader – 2 terms – I took care of the scou ts in my patrol, kept them peaceful during
meetings, and helped them obtain needs si gned off because of their various ranks. I
was patrol leader inside my years as an initial class scout and celebrity scout, generally there were
plenty of items to help my patrol mates with, including knots and merit badges.
— OA agent – I went to monthly OA chapter conferences, and relayed the messages
back towards troop OA members so they knew whenever OA was having their fellowships
and various gatherings.
Awards and Honors:
— Award 1 — Award 2 — i'm into the National Honor Society inside my school, which epitomizes leadership, service,
and academics – things any Eagle Scout also needs to find important
— I have been in the near order of the Arrow for 4 years now, and also have been a Brotherhood
member for 3 for the years
Life Purpose
Being in high school, my focus is easy: make myse lf and folks around me pleased. What
makes me personally happiest is learning cars and assisting othe rs.
After my senior 12 months, I intend to work part-time, go to university in your area, perhaps UIC, and study
criminology. I’d study criminology because I am fa scinated by and possess wished to be a police
officer ever since I became hardly any. This way I c ould make a move that i might enjoy and become able
to assistance others at the same time. But being a police officer is my Plan B. the things I re ally might like to do after graduating from university is
to pursue a lifetime career as an expert stunt car driv er for films and commercials. This would
require a lot of experience and training and I woul d go to a professional driving school.
I enjoy automobiles, additionally the notion of being able to d rive great vehicles the way they should be driven
professionally and being taken care of it seems perfect if you ask me.
While advancing in my own profession, I would like to get hitched and possess at least one boy making sure that our
family title can continue; i'm the only real staying url to it. Easily cannot enter into the stunt driving
business, that is totally possible, i am going to pursue a c areer in law enforcement. Even though I’d be
doing a thing that would make me pleased, and although it had beenn’t my very first choice, I would
be assisting people and serving people who deserve it. Automobile gathering and modifying them will
then be my pastime privately.
Personal Statement
The attainment of my Eagle Rank is more if you ask me than another scouting rank. Its the
fulfillment of a dream I had once I first joined Sc outs. The journey to Eagle has taught me
more than I could ever aspire to have learned in just about any other team, club or organization. We have
made buddies that i shall have all my entire life and I also hop age to be able to surrender by helping the Troop
and my community with skills and leadership I have discovered previously seven years.
My moms and dads and my sis have both been supportive throughout my Scouring profession thus far. My
immediate objective once we graduate from High School is visit university and earn a degree in a
computer associated industry. I hope to master the skills necessary to work with a field in which I am able to use the
skills in computing that I have taught myself and t cap i shall learn later on.
I additionally desire to get married someday and commence a fami ly. I've discovered through the relationship I
have with my family that is very important and I ho pe to pass on the things I have learned
and my family traditions of my life onto my childr en.
Boy Scouts has taught me personally about a lot of things that I would not have learned somewhere else.
These are important skills that start around survival to every day life. The men and women
leaders inside our Troop are inspirational in the ir support and help through my Scouting
career. I will turn 18 soon and I want to remain wit h the Troop as a leader to aid as much as I am
able to pass through my knowledge onto more youthful scouts in t he wish that they'll discover the journey to
Eagle since gratifying as I have actually.
Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose
As I give consideration to my future goals We look right back on my sco uting job and exactly how it offers ready me personally for
future challenges and opportunities. I have already been a patrol leader and a troop guide throughout
my amount of time in scouts. These experiences assisted me personally bett er understand this is of leadership.
By dealing with the difficulties that were current if these positions I have learned that such a thing can
happen and I also also have to be prepared for what li es ahead.
I plan to stay with Troop 505 and become a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster once I am 18 years
old. We plan to graduate from senior high school and carry on to at have a tendency the University of Illinois and major in
software engineering. After earning my master’s level i am going to then affect one of the numerous technical schools. We hope
to be accepted into MIT or the Johnson Institute of Technology. Here I want to get my
doctorates degree in the same industry. I have constantly worked with computers ever since We was
young as well as the programs have actually constantly interested m e. There have also been numerous programs
where i've found multiple flaws in programs, and I would like to try my hand at fixing
them. We would also like generate new programs. We intend to relocate to either Florida or Kentucky becaus age I have family in both states. We will
eventually get hitched and possess a family. Along wit h my time in Boy scouts i've done the
following extracurricular activities to aid develo p my leadership skills and experiences:
· Activity 1
· Activity 2
Statement of Ambition
In the future I hope to graduate senior high school with g ood grades and continue to college. I'm not
sure yet which college i do want to go to, but I have constantly loved Southern Illinois University. In
college i want to study either engineering or busin ess. I have always loved engineering, and my
Eagle project has provided me a little flavor of what it's like to be an engineer! I hope to make use of the
leadership and interaction skills that I have lea rned to start out your small business down the road in my
life. I'm not yet certain whether i am going to marry, but We intend to keep in touch with my scouting
friends the remainder of my entire life. We look forward to traveling as time goes on, and also plan to simply take up
sailing as an interest! I learned to sail both from my grandfather and from my participation in
scouting. Scouting has taught me personally countless virtues and life classes that will stick to me for
the remainder of my adult life!

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