Life Essay

The alarm didn’t wake me up this time, but the monotonous routine has woken me up right on time for school. I dread waking up for school, don’t get me wrong I love learning but something in my school life is lacking the optimism I wish I had to offer. I sit in class, barely listening to what my teacher is saying as I daydream about all the other things I wish I could be doing. I have become so tired of the same old thing. Every day I wake up with the fear of the future, sure my school does a fine job preparing me for college, but does it really?

I have a strong passion for literature, I love to read and write and I know that it is something I want to carry on in my future. I lose myself in the words on the pages as if was my very own life. I always talk to my friends about what they wish to become in the future, I sometimes see a hint of fear flash across their eyes before they sadly or sometimes aggressively respond with, “I don’t know”. I can’t help but feel sorry for them, I know it is a very common response for someone my age but I wish there was something that could help them with their uncertainties.

Remember when I said that school was boring, well I strongly believe that if schools offered more elective classes such as more foreign language classes like American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. Some classes in computer science and technology such as Animation, App development, Graphic design, Music production, Video game development, and Web design. Some classes in business such as Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurial skills, Marketing, and Personal Finance. Some classes in Family and Consumer Science such as CPR training, Culinary arts, Home economics, Interior design, and Nutrition. My personal favorite, some classes in language and writing such as Advanced composition, Cinema studies, Contemporary literature, Creative writing, Humanities, Journalism, Poetry, Public speaking, and World literature. Some classes pertaining to the arts such as Dance, Theater technology, and World music. More classes in the science field such as Agriculture, Astronomy, Biotechnology, Forensic science, Geology, Marine biology, and Zoology. Classes in social studies such as African studies, Asian studies, International relations, Latin American studies, Philosophy, Political Studies, Psychology, Religious studies, and Women’s studies. Some classes in visual arts such as Digital media, Drawing, Film production, Jewelry design, Painting, and Photography. And lastly, some classes in vocational education such as Auto body repair, Auto mechanics, Building construction, Cosmetology, Criminal justice, Driver Education, Electronics, Metalworking, Networking, Production technology, and Robotics.

If you just skipped all of those lists of classes, its fine, I’m not hurt I know its a lot of classes. I know that schools can’t possibly offer so many classes, but incorporating a few of those classes into their curriculum will really help students get involved with aspects of education that may be their very own life in the near future. I strongly believe that these classes can really help kids figure out what they want to make of themselves for the rest of their lives. I don’t think it is fair to just toss kids to college with this fear of not knowing what they want to do in life simply because their high school didn’t help prepare them for it. Kids have so much potential do great but they simply don’t know how to use it. It's like throwing someone into a maze and telling them to get out while they wear blindfolds. It's a scary thing that makes students worry about their future. Sure some high schools promise their students that they will graduate and go on to college, but once you walk into your first day of college the realization that you have no idea of what you want to do hits you hard. As reality smacks you in the face and you look back on your high school days you can’t help yourself and desperately ponder, “ what was the point of those four terrible years if I’m so lost now”. I hopelessly wish I had control of the car that is my life but I did not learn how to drive in high school.

Electives allow kids to further get a basic knowledge of what they want to do with their lives and that's why it is crucial to have so many different various options of classes to help these kids figure out their lives. Many people feel as though electives are a distraction and take away the main focus of a kid should be learning about in high-school like the main core classes such as English, math, history, and science but I believe it does the exact opposite. Most kids hate school because they simply don’t see the point of it, it's not that they don’t value their education but they simply don’t see how those classes will benefit them in the future. There are tons of jobs in the world that have little to nothing to do with those classes and taking those electives to connect a lot more to the outside world. If you really start to think about how is finding the value of x going to help you in the future, a lot of standard math learned in school isn't very useful but when I ask teachers how it's helpful they respond with “ it allows you to think outside the box”. Well then so do puzzles but we don’t study that for years. In my own little world, there is no box at all and a box shouldn't exist at all. School is so restrictive to a human’s creativeness as it offers the same boring classes year after year. Maybe if adding more interesting elective classes will stop so many kids from despising school so much.

Not every student wants to even go to college so the excuse that they should wait until college to take these kinds of classes is not valid. Many successful people have not gone to college. So it would be very beneficial if students were given the chance to take these kinds of classes in high school. But that's just all wishful thinking I suppose as I head off to sleep preparing an alarm I know won’t wake me up.

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