Life of pi summary Essay

Life of Pi is the second novel which is written by author Martell, Yan. And this book is divided into three chapters: first chapter, flat to exquisite with little of dull; chapter two, a fantastic sea drift, it is really appealing story to read; while for chapter three, giving a debatable ending. The first part is the growing experience of Pi. His classmate always teasted about his name, so he arouse the attention from teachers and friends by relating name with math π, Then he believed in three religions at the same time. All these showed that Pi has an extrmrly strong sense of self. Also, in the first part, the expression of safe distance between humans and animals reveals that the most important rule that we have to obey is keeping the distance from animals. All this is bought for the description of the second part of the sea drift later. The second part is also the most wonderful part. The Japanese ship is silent in the Pacific Ocean. The rafting process was brutal. The boat was filled with hyenas, orangutans, zebras and tigers at the beginning, and at the end, only the boy and the tiger lived together. The process was desperate and bloody. In the story, the juvenile was caught by the boat, so that he was alone with a fierce tiger in the boundless sea. From the little boy's father, he said, " Man is primate, animals are only cattle. As for the old tiger, they have no feelings, and they are starving. Remember, we are forever enemies with tigers! "This was stamped in the mind of the party, and in this boat was intent on killing the tiger. But it seems God always wakes him up." If even one animal can struggle to fight in the sea, why can't I? "Finally, the party decided not to kill the tiger, but instead, he would live with the old tiger on the rescue ship until it landed. As far as I understand, tigers are the incarnation of fear. This fear comes from the fear of nature, the challenge of survival, and the loneliness of the heart. These fears are perhaps permanent and despairing. The choice of adult Pi is probably the choice of Ang Lee's choice -- experiences and face him. But until the Pi was confronted with the investigators, the last story was told that there was no animal, but four of them -- a cook, a broken sailor, and his mother, and his mother. The cook slaughtered and ate the sailor and then killed the PI's mother, and then PI's mother was killed and ate the sailor. Finally, only PI survived. Reality is often cruel, and all of us adults are almost aware that the second story is the truth, but prefer the former. The dark side of the human predicament is often something we don't want to face, but it is from these aspects that we learn more about ourselves No matter which kind of religion you learned, they all teach you to love yourself, and love life. Life and self-possession are not used to overcome, but for getting along with. Science is used to solve the problems outside, but beliefs are used for interior of you.

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