"Life of Pi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

From the first minutes of the film immerses the viewer into the world of animals. In this world of amazing harmony that envelops the viewer with its charm and magic. Meditative, relaxing music gives the effect of the impact of its flavor. The audience, sitting in a room after a hard day, takes off in his consciousness and merges with this picture, dissolving in nature and extraordinary beauty. He has a desire to forget about the gray stone city and stay in this exotic place, where such beautiful animals such bright colors and the sun, cute sun which cherishes every detail. The sensation of pleasure will accompany the audience throughout the film.
Any stream begins with the source. The history of a great man starts with the name. From the moment when he made his own name. The boy, named in honor of the pool Molitor Pisin funny name, tired of the constant ridicule other students, was able to still change the value of the effort by his name in the eyes of others. This act at the beginning of the film tells us that we are dealing with a strong personality.
pee like a sponge soaks up knowledge about the world. He is pure in heart and everything he is given easily. First, he met with Hinduism, and he formed the first notions of religion, of good and evil. Then he met with Christianity and understands how great the love of Gd to the people. And then already and Islam reveals to him the knowledge of the importance of rules and membership of a fraternity. Boy seeks to know the laws of the universe from different sides of the same diamond truth
Childhood -. This is the first step and bright film, which ends with a strict father a lesson. When he shows the impressionable boy as bloodthirsty and ruthless wild predator Richard Parker. Pee his pure heart seen in the eyes of the tiger good soul, and in fact in the eyes of a predator, like a mirror reflects his soul.
World ideals of goodness and peace is crumbling in front of Pi under the tiger growl and crunch the bones of the sacrificial animal. The moment Richard Parker as an example of the greatest cruelty settled in his heart, having hidden to wait for the moment when he had the opportunity to seize the soul of Pi.
In his youth, Pi another. The pure world of childhood was gone and he has to find myself again. He reads Dostoevsky, reading a book of Albert Camus 'The Outsider' dipping into the viscous and heavy world of spiritless person. Pi strays from its path, but fate throws him a new life experience. The experience of the relationship between man and woman. He meets a beautiful girl and completely goes away in feeling.
Fate separates young. And Pi is already on deck, sadly recalling his love. Ahead of the unknown, behind quivering past. He does not know yet that he should go through and looking with hope to the blue waves.
And then the trouble that happens when it does not expect. Shipwreck. Pi is in the boat with wild animals (in the author's will, we sincerely believe in it). Here starts the real battle for survival, which is sometimes replaced by the wonderful paintings depicting the sea and the starry sky.
Pi remains one on one with the tiger, Richard Parker and the viewer along with the hero is experiencing the thrill of the unexpected neighborhood. Clashes between them are frequent. But Pi as an intelligent representative of humanity, in the end, finds a way out. He wins over fear of a tiger, and then even a little tame it. Tiger and people are getting used to each other, knowing that otherwise they simply can not survive.
In this difficult situation Pi is keenly aware of the connection with Gd. He's hungry, constantly prays for the salvation of the soul. If the ancient prophets went out into the desert, to communicate with God, feeling the full brunt of the skies. Then Pi desert is the sea, which reflects the starry firmament.
Finally Pi arrives on the island. And here it is again waiting for the danger. Mysterious Island hospitable day, but at night it turns into an absorbing killer. The water becomes acid, and any plant life threatening. In addition, the island periodically indulges digesting travelers. Before Pi is a choice, or try to get used to the island, stay on it live, or once again hit the road to an unknown
small digression:.
I would like to remind you dear friends, that many of us now live on the island-killer . The basis of this island - the hated work, of which many are engaged only for the sake of money. That is, suppose you have a dream, but now you're working for the hated work and think that it is not known to incarnate or not. The salary on your job stability there, but in a dream full of suspense. You think, that's all will soon give up and to do my dream, but it gradually closes with new and new life circumstances. And the longer you are on the island, the harder it is to realize it. If you stay on the island forever, trying to get used to it, sooner or later it will swallow you. In reality, the island is the time. It eats your heart burning dream relentlessly. And Pi made the right decision. Better to die on the way to the dream than to stay kormozhkoy island
The road -.. Resolves Pi
Gd hears his prayers. Pi approaches the shore, it saves, and Richard Parker disappears forever into the dark forest.
Like all ended well. Pi tells the story of an insurance agent of his life at sea. They really do not like this story, they believe it is not reasoned. Then Pi is recognized that it is fictional. He tells a different story, terrible reality, which makes the hair stand on end.
There were no wild beasts. There were people from the wild circumstances. And boy Pi, had to be released from the depths of the hearts of the tiger, Richard Parker, in order to survive.
... .Lish saved when Pi, the tiger went out of his heart.
film is made very professionally. The picture is very beautiful. The plot captures. Afterword teaches. I advise everyone to visit

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