"Life of Pi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It's great that in Hollywood there kinodela who make movies, like "Life of Pi" or "Cloud Atlas". These two films, which are before the marketers touted as the action with special effects for the whole family (in the case of the "Atlas" came almost to the concept of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and from the "Life of Pi" everyone was expecting a new interpretation of "Mowgli" with a touch of " Avatar ") as a result hit the viewer an entirely different weapon, and we are not talking about a strong dramatic component, at least not at first. If creation Tykwer and the Wachowski family generations to study the problems and consequences of the choices made by a person, the new film of the famous Taiwanese director Ang Lee raises questions on the subject of faith and religion.
Yes, this kind of films, the audience in the cinema is not usually lure, but how cleverly the two creators of the project was given the works of an intellectual nature of the mainstream view, so much so that one does not interfere. And if "Cloud Atlas" fired at the box office not so much, and the prizes were not treated kindly, the "Life of Pi" received many prestigious film awards and has shown unexpected success, grossed more than $ 600 million. It is still a genuine interest and enthusiasm of the audience walk, which proves - all is not lost. In an era when cinema halls are populated only on sessions blockbusters, during which you can view the maximum disable your brain, viewers are able to take an interest in and to the paintings, giving much food for thought.
The film tells the story of a man named Pisin Molitor Patel, and his account of his life, the central event of which is the incredible story of survival in a boat with a tiger after a shipwreck, during which he lost his entire family. The leitmotif is the theme of the history of relations Pi with religion, a relationship with God. The main character, throughout the film, has repeatedly promised the writer intended to write a book about his life, walk until the last code to believe that God exists. And we, in turn, patiently waiting for this. But the whole point is that the total opposite of the moral expectations - there is no God. The brutal truth, it is. You can not blindly believe in it, you can not rely on his mercifully, it will not lead to anything good, if you find yourself in a situation in which one was Pi. If we look at a story that really happened to the lifeboat, we see the 4 survivors: Pi, his mother, sailor-Buddhist with a broken leg and cook. The first three professed different religions (Pi himself confessed as many as three), the hour praying for help, hoping for divine intervention, a miracle that will bring them to God. But who in the end was the winner? Kok, a small but spectacular performance by Gerard Depardieu, who does not believe in anything, who survived, including its own animal, the primitive instinct of self-preservation. And if Pi in time did not realize things and awakened in itself is the same in relation to the latter, he would have become a victim after his mother and the poor fellow-sailor.
But here we see that without faith it all the same way, because man, by all means, you need to believe in something. If Indian teenager completely lost his faith, he would have just got to be insane, like the hero DiCaprio of "Island of the Damned" Scorsese. Therefore he invents for himself a sweet lie that will believe in order to forget the bitter truth. Thus I was born into the world, Richard Parker - his alter-ego, a kind of personal Tyler Durden, so was born his amazing story of an orangutan, a zebra and hyena, the incredible island and the domestication of the Bengal tiger, which in fact was only metaphorical incarnation of him to show ill-being.
every religion is based on various myths, beautiful imaginary stories, and most people are willing to believe in all the scriptures than the brutal truth about the murders, cannibalism and other atrocities that make people and survived, so that we are now living on this earth. And in the history of the protagonist of "Life of Pi" - he came up with the myth, and people prefer to believe in him. And this film.
Multilayer product is simply amazing. On analysis of allusions, analogies and metaphors in the film may take more than one hour. For example, think of Pi in the title - it's just a name, or should look connotations associated with the most irrational number? And that alone is worth the terrible version of what meerkats in the film - it's actually maggots on a rotting corpse in the boat? Many of you are probably conscious again starts to roll over, and you want to urgently review the movie, right? :) That's right.
Most importantly, the film is not one of those who on the stage of the campaign is deceiving viewers, promising one, and during the session hit his forehead dramatically opposite direction, causing the uninitiated viewer to climb up and leave the room - it looks easy and relaxed, and many will just watch the story of a new Robinson Crusoe, and the main secrets overturning VNU ternal world will meet at the very end. Ang Lee is so skillfully filmed neekraniziruemy novel won the Booker Prize, so skillfully reconciled beautiful shape with high, backed by all of this brilliant work of the operator Claudio Miranda soundtrack Michael Denny, that one can only stand up and loudly cheering for a long time.
And I want to believe that the future of cinema and the spiritual development of the viewer precisely because such films and that each year will give us his "Life of Pi", and the halls will accumulate hundreds of people to get the right Cinematography on experience
«Life of Pi" - this is what is in the mind, heart and soul forever. Contrary to the results of the "Oscar", the creation of Ang Lee has earned not only the 4 statuettes for best director, cinematography, visual effects and music, but also for the best film of 2012, if not decades. Amen.
10 of 10

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