"Life of Pi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I wish to warn at once that I did not read the novel Yann Martel 'Life of Pi'. Therefore, I will assess the 'Life of Pi', as a single film.
My review will not be complete if I did not devote a separate paragraph Ang Lee. At the outset I want to say that he is a brilliant director. I'm not very familiar with his work, and frankly looked only 'Life of Pi' and 'Hulk', but after studying it, I realized that his successful works were mainly based on the book. For example, 'Sense and Sensibility' (the eponymous novel by Jane Austen), 'Brokeback Mountain' (the eponymous story Annie Proulx) and 'Taking Woodstock' (autobiography Elliott Tibe and Tom Monte). Despite all this it is impossible to underestimate his talent as a book to film is very easy. Living examples 'Dark Tower' Nicholas arselil or 'Wuthering' Andrea Arnold, such examples heap. Therefore, there is no denying the talent Ang Lee.
necessary to highlight the criteria that will evaluate the film before in analyzing. The first criterion is uniquely actor's game, as it is important for the drama in the first place. In second place is the plot, without which the interest in the product can dramatically abyss. Also quite a few important soundtrack, that at the moment to add more atmosphere. All of these criteria must be in one piece, as separately will never get anything resembling a masterpiece
game Actor:. No words to describe this criterion. When looking at the emotions of the protagonist, I am just really thought it was all really happening. Suraj Sharma proved himself an actor aerobatics. Sometimes the thought of Pi and charm - this is one and the same person, without a share of pathos. The second hero, who played Pee, namely Irrfan Khan also coped with a bang, though the time he was given not so much, but it was enough to understand the talent of this actor. There was a feeling as if he tells the story of Pi is not, and your personal. Other characters, namely, Adil Hussain, who played the role of father and Pi Tabu, who played the role of a mother Pea also were different, even though the time they were also very small. Very cool played the famous Gerard Depardieu, I never saw him again in the face of an antagonist, but he showed that he was no difference whom to play. You can also select only Vibisha Shivakumar, who played the role of his brother Pi and actual Rafe Spall, who played the role of the writer. As for all the minor characters, then with his moment of glory handled everything perfectly. I believe every one of them. They were all individuals. I felt they had been through, which is very important in this criterion for me
Plot:. Patel family travels to India to Canada, along the way are wrecked. Of all survives only Pi Patel, orangutan, hyena, zebra, Rat and the Tiger. From myself I want to tell the story unbelieveable unusual. Nope prototypes this film. Furthermore, the plot has no defects, a logical structure. Also there are a few unexpected plot twists that you sit and do not understand how this could happen. More pleased me almost no mite, which is also unusual for a modern movie of any genre. The ending is somewhat predictable, partially not. Separately it is necessary to highlight the heartbreaking ending, it's just something I do not know how to describe it. This ending is really "blew my mind," simply bravo. There are no words to describe it
Soundtrack:. The music is excellent, icredibly, amazing and delightful other adjectives degree in English. Music, you can not even imagine, you add this to escalate the atmosphere that I sometimes disconnected from the real world. She's just delightful passed those emotions that were with Pi and the Tigris. For example, 'Which Story do you Prefer?', 'The Second Story', 'Back to the World', 'I'm Ready now', 'God Storm' and so on. How did the piano sound, Opera and many other styles. My ears just got pleasure, and with them, and I did. Michael Dann had a great job, bravo
Graphics:. I am adding this criterion, or when the film is nothing else like 'Transformers' or, when this component is made at such a level that it is not impossible to add. So this chart was just unbelieveable. What were these beautiful effects during the voyage Pi, what was this beautiful Whale, this sky, this night the island. I would also highlight the animals, especially the Tiger. I honestly do not understand how they managed to tame the Tiger so, and then I found out that Tiger was only present during the hunt for fish, and the rest of the time it was the computer graphics. After that, my jaw dropped to the floor, and I really could not believe it. This film has made a real revolution in the schedule, at least for me. Bravo Tim Skuayres.
Thus, the 'Life of Pi' is one of the best films that I have been fortunate to see. You can draw it, excellent acting game, same story and soundtrack, and especially these pictures and views. I think it is not right to evaluate it as a cinematographic adaptation, it is a very narrow door. There is also raised a problem of the Faith, Faith in God. The film asks us: 'You, the man who believes only in what he saw and you are satisfied with the common "logical" explanation?' or 'Do you believe in miracles, and are taking a lot on faith? 'Life of Pi' proves to us that many things in life are not amenable to logical explanation, and therefore deny the existence of God can not be definitely, but you have your right to choose, you're a person of the first group or the second. Cinematographic gives you the right choice, as I do. I consider myself the second group, and the group to which you yourself consider yourself? Total to recommend mandatory viewing, you will not find this unique masterpiece of the film industry, and for many, this film can change the position in life (as a writer) or even become a favorite movie. If you do not believe me, then believe in the figures: 'Life of Pi' was okupleny on 489 016 565 $, of which as many as 30,228,172 $ were earned in Russia, what other film scored more than 10 million $ in our joint favorite country? The numbers speak for themselves, and then everyone is obliged to look for once this masterpiece !!
10 of 10

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