"Life of Pi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Trailer for this film, to say the least, obscure: India, the ocean, the tiger in a boat in the middle of the vastness, - in a word unreality and special effects grow stronger with music Coldplay. On the painting you go with the strange bewilderment and curiosity sluggish - so what happened there with a boy and a tiger on the high seas? What is the scale and physical location of the zoo? At first it seems that this will be another film on the detailed reconstruction of spacious alien zoo, but without Scarlett Johansson. But no, we are told that this will be a film about the search and finding of faith. Not even so, what we are listening to, seeing the story should end believe in God. And so you sit in a chair and a half hours, probing myself well, as already believe, why still do not believe? I believe in? And just a week after the movie.
In this picture shows the belief in a strange way. It is not meticulous blasphemy Tolstoy, not frenzy call Dostoevsky, which studied almost every soul of the Russian people, not witty mockery of Voltaire, and somehow all at once, if you look at it from different points of view. The boy tries to believe in different gods, the family religion is allowed, but is questioned. And then the relationship with the metaphysical through the images displayed in the human soul. This is a movie-a paradox that to myself all the time, contrary to like-overs text derides father an atheist, and his son for some reason is trying to establish a relationship with God, which the storm and death ... What is this noble and merciful God so that one man stole from the island of death sign - a tooth of another, there is a dead man? How is it possible to believe in God, who sank the great ship? Which allows the Tigers have antelopes, hyenas zebras? Sharks, fish ... people people. What kind of a sleeping bully Hindu pantheon, whose mouth boils the suffering universe?
Yet after this film it is impossible not to believe in God. So much beauty and grandeur of living in this world. He dies, survives and lives.
God is or God is not present? Which of the two stories do you prefer? The one with the tiger. Noah's ark. Job: What do you want from me yet? Why do you torture me? I took away all that I have had! Jesus: why hast thou forsaken me? In a deep, existential loneliness, we are sailing on the ocean of life in the same boat with God as an unpredictable, dangerous, all-powerful Bengal tiger. Try to establish a relationship with God, to defend their territory, to tame it, to appease - impossible. But his presence keeps us afloat. As we can drown if the tiger was not yet known, the boat is not populated.
Tiger Who?
in medical history, doctors likely to believe in the story of the tiger than the animal cook. What do these two stories? Maybe paradise where God does not kill and do not suffer more than their creation? At the very least, such a paradise dream of the inhabitants of the land of the gods
Or Tiger -. It is a symbol, the personification of murder. The beast, which can not be friends, father's brutal lesson. And the terrible tiger in all its force jumped on this boat. The murder of man by man. Indian boy alone in a sea of ​​struggling with death, destruction, murder, permanent, all-powerful killing. Island-killer. It gives and takes - as God. Unexplained formidable Yahweh. Incomprehensible death of Christ. Potable water is converted into the acid; roots, giving food, suffocate. How to not even death - murder. Why is this strange boy greets a storm and the storm that bring death, as God? One in the boat with the murder. And he is trying to overcome the first murder. She stops him. Kara Cook. And pulled out a voracious tiger destruction power. Murder is not tame, not justify, do not stop ever. We feed ourselves murder, that it does not engulf us. Murder may dry up, tired ... but it can not kill. It may wither, but when typed forces will once again be the murder. Murder can not make another fearlessly live with him. So it is at this time bypasses your side in saturation its hunger, you're killing him along with others. Murder does not spare neither young nor innocent nor vegetarians. Why did God put the murder of his son? Why is fed a certain mixture of the divine and the human throat death, which absorbs all born? "Do not eat the ground!" "But when he opened his mouth, he was there the whole universe." God Kronos, who devours his own children. Murder, which has to co-exist. Murder, fear of death, which makes the fight for his life. Who is God? He who fights with murder along with us. Because he can not overcome, kill murder. But can fight for every piece of the universe, disappearing into the deadly jaws. Pi could not convert, stop the killing, but he's alive.
«buried in the warm sand, as if in the face of God." Earth, soil ... the leaves from under his feet, then again takes us into his arms. This film is certainly not a simple faith in the All-Good God. It is the need of a living sense of identity with the whole planet, with all its inhabiting creatures and substances, with its beginning and end, and the gift of the sentence. To believe in God means to at least know in whose mouth you to digest. On whose land you are walking, with whose storms are struggling, who are accountable for their failures and successes. Whose power can admire and to whom to tremble. God - is the limit, which destroys you and keeps you. Who created you and which will dissolve. Who gave life and that it will certainly take. And all religions believe in a God. Because it is not a science, you are left alone in the gathering of the meaning of his life and death. Indeed, in such a God Greeks believed. In God, which for some reason do not have all of the beauty, greatness, love and mercy, which he put, people expected of him. But, there is hope, there is wisdom, where there is no people, and good purpose.
Pi moved the story places. The savagery of the first difficult and uninteresting to believe. On the story of a boy and a tiger, we came to the cinema. So what is faith if
ironic: when you take away something, you open yourself to infinity. As no difficulties Pisin would not be Pi. Maybe you and named in honor of the pool, but you can conquer the ocean. "To survive in the ocean, so even with a Bengal tiger ..." No, to survive in the ocean with a Bengal tiger.

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