"Life of Pi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Life of Pi" was my 2105 th in a row film. Before viewing, I like sophisticated movie buff, I was sure to catch this movie I did not succeed (I even had mentally painted his estimation, a kind of 6 - 7, for special effects), but I was wrong. This film, in addition to the director's successful and operator finds, is a model successfully transferred to the screen instructive philosophical parable. The film so the scale of that in 2 words to tell about it will not work. So in order. The beginning of the film quite prosaic: the teacher-exile, on the advice of friends, comes to a young Canadian writer looking for inspiration for his new book. Indian promises to tell the story, in which the writer must find not only a new theme for his book, but God in his heart, what the writer only ironic smile ...
Indian History begins with the fact that he lived in a certain Indian province -was the boy with the unusual name "Pi". He grew up in a wealthy family, who had a small business in the form of your own zoo. The boy from childhood is in a very hothouse environment, surrounded by loving family and animals.
But this idyll comes to an end, when the father reported that their business is on the brink of ruin, and the only solution he sees is the emigration to Canada. At the same time he wants to take Canada and animals that can be there to sell, having gained a lot of money and investing in a new business.
sooner said than done and here we are already seeing how the whole family swims on the Japanese ship in the holds of which are cells those same animals. Ship large, so it floats a lot of motley audience, with some in the family fold more or less good relations, while others, such as with a local cook (played by the outstanding Gérard Depardieu), the relationship did not add up, that is. To. He refuses to pander to their Buddhist vegetarian diet.
After a few shots, we together with the narrator witness horrific shipwreck, in which in a terrible turmoil in the water dropped on the lifeboat are our hero, Zeb pa with a broken leg from being transported Zoo had fallen into the boat, out of nowhere, and hide under the tarp tiger and hyena. Later in the morning, the boy rescues from the water more and orangutanshu.
After some time the hyena comes to life and begins to set their own rules, trying to bite, the boy, the monkey, the zebra. In the end, slobbering beast reflexes take precedence over everything else, and she jumped on the dying zebra. The cries of the boy and the monkey is not cooled the ardor of hyenas and a few minutes later, she had already begun a horrible meal. After a lapse of more of the time, hyena turned her predatory gaze longer at monkey began courting her and. Emaciated from starvation and dehydration, she periodically gave slaps hyena, but in the end the predatory attitude insatiable creatures took over and have a monkey konvulsirovala at the bottom of the boat in a pool of his own blood. Boy of impotence with a blunt knife and cries rushed to the hyena, which was ready to plunge powerful jaws into his throat, but then comes to the fore another member of the drama - Tiger, which, as it turned out, otlozhivalsya from pitching a large tarpaulin. Lightning strike it breaks giggling thing in half. However, the boy that does not help, t. To. The sail boat with a furious tiger task is more complicated than a trip to the hyena.
And then frame by frame, we are witnessing as growing mutual respect in human and tiger, as a step for step, thanks to the efforts of the brave young men, tiger cope with their instincts and becomes his friend and helper. Travel is extremely long, spiced with philosophical speculations, so the scope of the review to the description of this action is not enough. Therefore, the transition to an unexpected ending of the film. After all the mishaps boat finally nailed to the shores of Mexico, emaciated boy and a tiger crawl ashore and in the next moment, a tiger, not even turning around, it dissolves in the jungle. Our hero still find local fishermen and now he cried already is in rehab and answers the questions of the Japanese investigators (after all, if we remember the ship was Japanese).
boy's story of an unusual journey with the animals of the Japanese are not satisfied, ie. To . there are a lot of inconsistencies. And in the end, meticulous samurai forced the boy to tell what really happened. After a few sentences the boy viewer along with investigators, understands that all the previous story is an allegory, the attempt of consciousness of the child to forget the horror that actually occurred to him during those long weeks of wandering in the ocean, an attempt to transform the actions and consequences in a less traumatic for the forms of consciousness . We begin to understand that and zebra with a broken leg is not a zebra, and the young man, who in the fall broke his leg and painfully dying from infections that kind orangutansha is not orangutansha and proper boy's mother, who miraculously escaped and was also in that boat . A couple of phrases and the viewer realizes that she demented hyena is none other than the very thick Canadian-spinner, who was unable to cope with their baser instincts, and just a week turned into a monster. Finishing off the dying sailor, he began to eat it, and the protests of the boy and his mother, he only beat them. A couple of days after this incident, in another quarrel, cook brutally killed and the boy's mother, throwing her into the water, where the eyes of her son devoured sharks. And then the waves at the viewer finds another insight that because the tiger is an allegory. Tiger is the anger that burst out of the pure soul of the child after all seen, the tiger is a God, it is a priori a higher justice that made the young slender hand to take the knife and rip the belly distraught hyena in human form.
At the very end of the film in front of us again appear large sad eyes of the narrator (adult Pi), which offers a stunned writer to choose one of two stories, which he considers true. The writer understands the horror that has survived the man, who has clothed this horror in metaphors and allegories that probably helped him not to go crazy, to remain a normal person and even to achieve some success in life. And he correctly selects the allegorical fairy story with a tiger, because it is better to believe that the test conditions, Tiger has become more humane, than what a person for a week of difficulties could turn into a filthy hyena ...
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