Life is better with regrets Essay

There are too many imperfections in the world and too many regrets in life. Helen Keller is clever and eager to learn, but god did not give him a normal healthy body, which is not only a pity, even a tragedy. However, he with a strong perseverance to do the ordinary people are difficult to do. It is the deficiency of philosophy that inspires her to make progress and succeed. God created man and regret at the same time. Regret is the accident of history, but also the result of personal struggle. Everyone has a different explanation for regret. Regret is painful and perfect. Regret is painful. The regret lets gallop the killing field Hitler's fascist dream to vanish in smoke; Liu bei lost the opportunity to unify The Three Kingdoms. Let xichu overlord xiang yu unrequited ambition, committed suicide in wujiang.Sorry, is a string of crooked footprints, this life can not be corrected; Pity is a lost pearl that can never be retrieved. Regret can cause people to gain and loss, regret can be full of remorse. Wordless possession, wordless lament...

According to the heart of prajnaparamita in the heart sutra, the principle of "mutual penetration" is related to "causation" : just because things have their own causation, they do not exist independently, but are mutual penetration.

(page 161:70)

Everyone has their own regrets, I am no exception, one thing I also deeply remember, is that I was not able to take responsibility for their own, to make a satisfactory decision.

After the college entrance examination for the first time, I did not go on directly to college after graduation from high school, I was reading university, the community and then have the opportunity to study in America, that would be me a turning point of fate, but my mother has been suffering from cancer, I was very entanglements, want to go to all the people around you are really want me to study in the United States, including my mother, then after friends around of persuasion, coupled with the mother's body a little bit better, I will go to the United States. Past the United States not long after her cancer recurrence, after receiving the news I immediately put the choice of their studies abroad return home with her, but she left me, although the last stage to accompany her go, but I still insist that if the time can make their own decisions, resolute don't go to the United States, you can accompany her go a longer way, you can accompany her longer.

Is the second time in my mother's death, father will give me back to the United States, but his money is not a lot, are all used to for my reading, after their high school is originally want to decided to come back, but later because of relatives, decided to continue to study in the United States as a result, finally my father all of a sudden heart failure in died on the way to work, it was I was in the United States, finally also didn't see him last time.

These two things have become the eternal regret in my heart, and also let me know: respect is not to be insulted, wide is to get the public, trust is to be responsible, sensitive is to be meritorious, benefit is to make people. In the life of the middle school not complain about the day, not especially people, down and up, I know the mentality of the day.

People always pursue perfection, but perfect things can always be found, our life and study more or less will leave some regret, so life is always not perfect, at least will leave a regret, everyone is through a twists and turns through life. Although life has regrets, but sometimes, the end of life will be satisfactory. In the face of regret, we have to self-reflection and learn lessons, son in kawasaki, the time passed like a husband, not to give up day and night. This is to tell us, time goes by without stop, like a river, when you are still in the wasted time, it has gone, no longer treat each other, so, regardless of study or work, should cherish today.

In the mind sutra, the buddhists believe that not seeing through the "empty" is that people are often suffering from the "eight hardships and eight difficulties". The eight hardships refer to the pain and the eight difficulties refer to the difficulty. The suffering of the body includes life, old illness and death, external pain caused by the suffering of other love, hatred of suffering, seeking not suffering, five risks sheng suffering. "Er" refers to the eight kinds of difficulties: pride, jealousy, obsession, resentment, evil ideas, stinginess, immorality and greed. We need to use the wisdom of wisdom, the prajna, to recognize the truth of emptiness and thus get rid of suffering. We must learn to transcend our perceptions. Prajna is like water, it can flow, it can penetrate. (para. 7)

For me in the past, I want to say that a person's future is unpredictable, but its memories can not be changed, nor will it be easy to fade away at any time. I always think that every day you are happy and beautiful, but also think you never know how to cherish, let many precious things quietly passed. I have countless times dreamed of returning to kindergarten, when you feel carefree. However, such a dream is only water moon mirror, can not achieve. If you can, please spend more time with his family when he is not so busy in school, don't wait for the child didn't begin to raise and close not to regret, don't always be around by what other people say, you are an adult sooner or later, you will have your own ideas, in the face of things have their own judgment, when your parents need you to put down everything to hug them, and not feel like to do this.

I think people's youth can be without regret, but very no regret. It is because of regret to know more valuable today, more work hard for tomorrow's brilliant.

Regret is the gentle wind, lingering rain, when the invasion of the heart, lingering, not go.

Regret is the sad to go, a sad tone, the time of the soul, grief and loss, sorrow and think.

Unfortunately, the transparent fog, hazy yarn, shrouded in thought, only the heart of the sun, to penetrate the layRegret is a kind of psychological feeling, which is the chagrin after you have walked across a thousand mountains and rivers, only to find that you have gone in the wrong direction. It's the regret after you fix a skyscraper only to find out you didn't have an elevator. It is your confidence to set up chess against the opponent, but was finally killed to leave the desolation; It is the ancients "for the mountain nine renren, work falls short" helpless; They are su shi's "people have vicissitudes of life, the month has rain or shine round" self-comfort; It was chunyu kun who explained, "wine can be messy, happiness can be sad."ers of barrier.

Regret no mountains and rivers, experience regret, to see the charm of personality.

In fact, regret is also a beautiful scenery, but we often sigh dim his color, in fact, regret is also a priceless wealth, but we often cover his brilliance with melancholy, in fact, regret is a strong tea, you will feel his sweet, regret is a rainbow, after the rain, can have a beautiful.

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