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Interesting creatures we - the people. Sometimes, you go out to work, and there on the street was dark, pouring rain, the weather is overcast and very unpleasant at first glance. No mood: head, you bastard, his homilies brought to a white heat, colleagues - tired of his obsession and the Curious, and the house - again, these stupid questions, "How are you, dear? You are again in a bad mood? ". All tired and weary. "Well, is not this life?" - you think about it ...
The film Roberto Benigni's "Life is Beautiful" show us an unusual, bright and extraordinary, positive, always rejoicing life and come up with a way out of any situation man Guido. The first half of the film - our acquaintance with him. From the first seconds that the energy in this charming man abounds. He can not sit still and passively observe what is happening: it is the most happening, he tries to change, to incline to his side, even if it often turns ridiculous and clumsy. For example, an attempt to sign in the official paper ends with the fall of the flower pot on the head of this same official, of course, not without the help of Guido. He did not despair, if he has something does not work, and continues to go on and achieve their goals. Our hero is endlessly vlyapyvaetsya in a variety of ridiculous situations, one of which - fall upon him the beautiful Princess Dora or, as they call it, Guido. Between them I ran immediately spark. And let these people of different income and social status - they have no memory of falling in love. And Dora, despite the financial situation, Guido, throws his "palace" and the rich bridegroom for him - only. In 1939, they had a wonderful son Josue, and like life is beautiful, but ...
... in the country is not the best of times. Reigns era of the Hitler regime. Throughout Italy there is "hunt" for the Jews. Their arrest and send it back to the concentration camps. All. Regardless of gender and age. Under the "millstones of mills" and into our protagonist: it, along with my uncle and little boy put on a train and sent "into oblivion", towards the nightmares of camp life. With them "on stage" and voluntarily goes Dora, which can not leave her husband and son, and tries to persuade her to put on the same train. However, as soon becomes clear, she did it for good reason: to spend with your loved ones she could not any minute, as soon as the arrival of men and women were separated and sent "in different directions." It is here in the camp manifested the true power of Guido.
The strength is not physical, but moral, the so-called strength of character. In order not to strike fear in the kid-Josue this at first sight windy and jocular man on the go without a hitch plays a fantastic story about the hit in a certain game, the main prize at the end of which is a real tank. The basic rule - do not cry, do not ask for food, do not ask for home and hide from the guards. Every day, his fictional story acquires more and more new elements, and it does not give the possibility of his son not for a moment doubt it. Only once the boy thought that their place of residence, where the food give one only bread and had to sleep sitting, the game does not seem even remotely. Other children who were there, even more aggravated the situation, saying, Josué did not play it at all, everything is real, and as a result of them to make soap or buttons. But Guido, and there was - persuaded his little son, it's all a lie. The tremendous power of Guido primarily in the fact that the camp is incredibly difficult circumstances, he never for a moment does not allow a "unglued." After a hard work day, where a low enough puny man dragged on themselves stokilogrammovye swinger evening he came to the barracks, where he was waiting for a favorite son, gives him his own piece of bread, and forget about the hunger and fatigue, continues his story about "an unusual game in they were »
Game Roberto Benigni -. a real masterpiece, but as the film itself, directed by him. In his example, we can see how strong people. Risible touching and ridiculous Guido in an instant turns into a serious and caring father of the family who is ready to do anything for the sake of their loved ones. Phenomenally brilliant, "Bravissimo!". Game Nicoletta Braschi also amazing. Perhaps because in the life of the actors playing the roles of the main characters are a married couple, on-screen, they love playing so convincingly and sensuously. Or rather, no, they do not play love, they love each other, love truly, strongly and wholeheartedly. Great little Giorgio Cantarini, who plays Josue, embodied the innocence and spontaneity of childhood.
stunning, strong energy film that can cause the viewer and the laughter and tears, and laughter through tears. Touching poignant story of one of hundreds-thousands-millions of unfortunate families who were victims of the regime. It is simply impossible to remain indifferent
... "Life, and even what!" -. You answer his own question, posed at the beginning of this review, - "well, happy and filled the sea of ​​events." Characters of the film tried in every moment to look for something positive and not give in to despair, despite the fact that it was extremely difficult in their own terms. Now, on the contrary, in terms of well-being and harmony of people are looking for is only negative. Can not be so. The street is pouring rain? So soon the sun will come out. Dark? So dawn is not far away. Head constantly tired? Maybe he just advises how to better. Obsessive colleagues? Maybe they're just worried about you. Annoying household? They just love you. Smile, because LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!
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