"Life is beautiful" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Life is beautiful
Life is Beautiful
La Vita e bella
Part 1. The idea.
idea. This product of the human mind makes sense to compare with the seed, accidentally fell into the soil. Of course, the very nature of the seed, the soil, external factors such as humidity and temperature, can affect plant growth negatively, nevertheless, in most cases, the seed can give a powerful long roots and produce above the ground a huge tree.
About the same principle applies when the human brain produces a sudden idea, thus becoming the hostage of his own creation. The character of the individual, environmental factors, and indeed the degree of genius ideas influence its further development. Under unfortunate circumstances, the brain destroys the idea of ​​just a few hours after its conception. But if everything goes like clockwork, the ... blast! The idea let their tenacious, long roots deep in the bowels of the human consciousness. The owner is entirely abstracted from the outside world, forget about the need to meet their physical needs - for drinking, the use of food, sleep, etc., family, work, home leave on the second plan, all that was formerly the price is now reduced to absolute zero . It was all his idea is sick, he was always with her, he bears it, feeds and cherishes as a child. In the end, when the idea becomes stuffy in close black box, she breaks out and goes from passive (internal) to active (external). The nature of the active action depends directly on the nature of the idea and the original master plan.
If the person who formed the idea, among other things, has incomparable charisma, sharp-edged tongue and, in addition, the rare gift of persuasion, his idea could become that can be called 'epidemic'. In this case, the idea captivates even hundreds, thousands, or even millions of human minds.
The same thing happened before World War II when the head of the German chancellor, "godfather" of Nazism, Hitler took over idea called 'Aryan race '. Rapidly escaping to freedom, it has penetrated into the minds of many (too many) people. It was a craze, mass enthusiasm, euphoria, acquired immense scale. So immense that nothing can be changed, reversed, or at least try to stop.
Time has shown, however horrific and deplorable idea was under consideration.
Years later, no trace of the mass of joy, there were only kilometers . text on the pages of history, of which color - black
idea of ​​destroying the host thousands of people who let the idea to his house, but that the most insulting and unfair in this story - it has destroyed millions of people who said to her: 'No!'
Part 2. Major race.
film 'Life is beautiful and 'too much (far too much) confirmation.
But the message in the film is much more significant.
This film about a Jew by the name of Guido, living with his family in Italy, at the time of rapid development of fascist sentiments source which he became a supporter of the leader of the German - Italian leader - Benito Mussolini. According to the idea, any Jew was being repulsive and useless akin rat or cockroach. Pests are known to be got rid of. Quickly. Effectively. Mass. In order not to pollute the land, which is worthy of a sacred istaptyvat foot representatives of the master race.
Guido your life (and death) showed that Major race really exists. Only it is not recognized by the growth of 185 cm, for blue eyes, and blond hair on
it is recognized through the spiritual qualities:. The ability to love, to think about the interests of others, not to lose a sense of humor and joy even in the most difficult ( up to the desperate) circumstances. Laugh in the face of death, and, as a result, at night, wallowing in the mud, with the burning of lead burst in the body, be aware that you will not be defeated. Not broken. . For the idea can kill the body but not the spirit
film conveys a very important and interesting idea: A person's life can be beautiful only if the main place it occupies the sake of what this life can be willing to donate
Only such people on the right are the representatives of the True Supreme race.
How sad that many people, at one time, gave their lives for an idea!
If the idea was an animate being, make sure you have looked at such "victim" with a malicious grin
Representatives superior race in the flesh -. millions
Representatives of a superior race in spirit -.
unit Maybe you are the one of the few
Or, perhaps, you are personally familiar with such people
If so, then you are very lucky In any case, anyone who saw the movie "Life is beautiful" is already familiar with such a person "of rare caliber" - a Jew by the name of Guido. He lived as a true Aryan, and he went "on-Aryan».
Life is wonderful, gentlemen.
Part 3. Masterpiece.
As for the film itself, everything crystal clear (and therefore no less beautiful)
Genre: my favorite - a symbiosis of comedy and drama. In terms of these two (seemingly contradictory) genres, the talented director brings into the world a masterpiece
So, before watching the film a fair amount of stocked handkerchiefs, because pouring salt from his eyes have a lot of -. Both laughter and grief.
Cinematography pleasantly surprised by its simplicity and elegance at the same time. As a result, the picture does not attract too much attention, but it looks nice on the joy.
Types in the film, landscapes and scenery, as well as capture the real miracle of architecture as well. The atmosphere of the Italian 39-year passed extremely skillfully. Why? Yes, simply because while watching a movie you do not want to go there again.
atmosphere of the Jewish ghetto, too, passed impressively and terribly believable. But really there you just do not want to go, of course, if you're handy with his head
Cast and enforcement roles. All the actors are excellent. The Heroes of sympathize. Heroes like. And these are the main indicators of excellence
actors applaud standing person who has become a cornerstone in the history of the film, -. Roberto Benigni. He not only otpahal your best as a director and screenwriter, he also laid out in full in the role of Guido
Yes, he's just a fucking genius comrades
possible Do you think your life is really beautiful.
But still, if you have not seen the movie, it is, alas, well, can not be beautiful to the fullest! (Of course, it is said very loudly, and ... yes, I'm exaggerating, but still, watch this movie. Please. Thank you.)
Life is Beautiful, gentlemen!

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