"Life is beautiful" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The epigraph : 'If life gave you a lemon - make lemonade. " D. Carnegie
Concept . To be honest, still I admire nontrivial idea to combine classical comedy 'Italian style' with the reality of the concentration camps. The film composition is divided into two parts, similar in style, but different in meaning and emotional content. It is clear that there are people who only like the first, and is, perhaps, those who prefer the latter, but, in my opinion, just their symbiosis is just incredible. Comedy without tragedy would be trivial love story with a dash of slapstick and comedy without tragedy would not have received the necessary backgrounds, in particular with regard to disclosure of preliminary character.
It is clear that no matter how you try, it is still one of the spectators It is shocked attempt to 'laugh at the terrible tragedy', so one can not assess the level of courage and self-confidence, his own talent and the right to its original feed material. But by making this choice, the authors clearly entered his creation in the golden fund of world cinema
Characters :. In fact, the entire first part of the film is devoted to the disclosure of the main character and its main features, such as optimism, sense of humor, cheerfulness and resourcefulness in different situations. Even love story is not so much driven by the plot, much work to complement the image. But against the background of the main characters perform some other purely 'furniture' function, and especially 'no' appears here the central female character playing is not something that a second, and even more third fiddle in this ensemble. Nevertheless, the plot, perhaps, still is not about him, and about the hero and his little son, and therefore, this approach seems justified
Cast : The film, in fact - a benefit. Roberto Benigni, who is also director and main actor. He gives an incredible performance by making the main character alive and authentic, though still sometimes replays, because there is no one to stop his flow of energy (this is especially evident in the second half of the film). But sometimes it seems on his background, that all the other actors, on the contrary, a little nedoigryvayut, and here again, stone flies in the direction of the performer of the main female role, whereby until the end and it is not clear at what point the heroine falls in love and how to make decisions that change her whole future life. While on the other hand, not all people clearly express their emotions, so maybe, remarks are not entirely objective
Story, semantic and ideological content :. The first part of the film - it's just a quality comedy remarkable energy and soft, sometimes rustic, and at the same time, the Incredible humor that few people indifferent. The second sneaks just to the core. Here and struggle that will withstand not everyone, and hope to release with subsequent collapse - and it's all on the background of the need to constantly generate around themselves a fairy tale! Events are tightened, the soul is torn somewhere between laughter and tears, and the finale explodes like a tank shell. Of course, if such a person as the main character, really existed, it would be guaranteed won 'Father of the century'.
However, notice that the picture brings us to the idea that to be like the main character, in such a situation not everyone can. To do this, you need to have the appropriate character and be able to create a miracle out of the ordinary everyday life. At the same time we are also, obviously, offer to try to imitate the protagonist in all aspects of his behavior and attitude towards life. And at this point, especially after repeated viewing, began to emerge and a certain inconsistency shown. It can be covered in detail, or to hide behind strong emotions, or to simplify the reality in order to story could happen.
Firstly, the plot of fate favorable to the main character as far as not supportive of it, say, to the hero Pierre Richard films of 'The Losers'. It is this ability of his 'lucky draw', which forms a series of coincidences and signs leads him to success in love. And it's good that he came across just such a heroine who appreciated his sense of humor. Do not wonder whether he saw the beautiful face of her nature at first sight? I, for instance, would not be appreciated, perhaps, no joke with a car, or coming to the 'inspector' school (it is not clear for what purpose). After all, they only pull behind themselves all sorts of inconveniences and problems for the protagonist, but the author does not see anything because of the desire to hit their ingenuity and eccentricity, which is very close side by side with frank selfishness. Thus, the viewer is formed by an unequivocal conclusion: to impose itself by any means, and you will love, when in fact it is not so
Just hero creates a problem with the opening of the bookstore by their behavior, which then mysteriously resolved itself. . So it turns out that these specific properties of its nature it does not interfere, but on the contrary, help and rescue, although in real life would not be so.
And just as the hero unlucky in love, it is very lucky in concentration camp conditions. Minimum movement control, blind and deaf guards, a son, who should expose stopyatsot time - it's all so plays into the hands of the story of one of the turns is almost a fairy tale based on the most tragic episodes of the war. a sense of realism is reduced, which causes a certain devaluation of what is happening.
On the other hand, a long time ago, in my youth I did not notice this unrealistic, so the hero seemed artful, clever, reckless, able to parlay all and win . His win added to his advantages, and effort - the greatness, and did not show the comic and the lack of seriousness of what is happening. Therefore, it seems that the director, of course, did not seek to offend or devalue the experience of these concentration camp prisoners. I suspect that the film was shot in the first place is not for them, and for those who would like to make something optimistic, even from such topics and to understand that it is necessary to appreciate every moment of life and do not give up, come what is gone.
By the ideological content of the films also have a lot of questions. Yes, save the psyche of your child - it's good. But how then to explain to him the truth? Who will deal with this? Not too heavy a burden will fall on this man? Or the author suggests wait for the truth to adulthood? And in general, it was necessary at all to hide the truth from her son constantly risking that it will catch up with him abruptly and without preparation? There are no answers.
However, despite all these flaws and questionable moments, for me this film still remains one of the most worthy works of cinema, thanks to the uniqueness and the uniqueness of the emotions that it makes sense.
9 out of 10

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