"Life in pink" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Two views on the film in a single review.
I believe that the philosophical.
film, which sunk into my soul. The film, which I will never forget. The film about the true human qualities. A film about Edith Piaf. Life from beginning to end, with all its uncertainties and difficulties. All this is about 'Life in Pink tsvete`.
rarely found in his life a man who will have a desire to live and the desire itself. After all, as it is not sad, but if Edith was different, it is unlikely that she would have survived at all. Live ... even when there is no sense to it. Love ... even for those who are waiting for your failure. Edith Piaf was in truth a woman of the world, but ... I have a right to it, to judge a man who had no childhood or adolescence. We can only regret and try to understand such as Edith.
I will not repeat the phrases that were heard in the film, because I think it is useless. I think that not everyone is able to understand why all of the `Life in Pink tsvete`. I'll try it razyasnit.
now the world has become technical. Very often only one technique. `Znamenityy` even the whole world English is not rich in adjectives and synonyms. PC, TV, PDA, `aska` ... man began to communicate with another person through the machine. It began to disappear a lot. Leading the world's languages ​​are simplified, words are reduced almost to two letters. It remains only to scream `Karaul`! ... I'm a little distracted from the topic ... All this I'm to the fact that many people have forgotten what love and affection. I probably seem old-fashioned and boring, but because it really is so. A `Life in Pink tsvete` at least reminds us of the existence of these concepts.
When the little girl was taken to the house in which lived women with the lowest of all professions. They lived there because they had no choice. Titina really become attached to the baby, and Edith, in turn, remembered his friend. After all, Titina was black life. A small child was hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, which is worth striving for. As heartbreaking as screaming and she and the other when it was time to leave. The viewer will say: `This is zhestoko`. Yes it is. But you watch a movie, biography, and thus living a movie and you know just how life is cruel.
I will not list all the moments of the film, which got me thinking. Each frame was in his own best. Those who saw the film know that many more farewells were in the life of Edith Piaf. If to think and analyze, then all its existence was simply socketed alone goodbyes. Cruel and sick.
As I then can say that this film is unnecessary? I have lived the life of a small, little else saw, but thanks to this film, I know that I'm the happiest man in the world. I have everything. Vision, hearing, house, home, family, love all around me. Only after such films as `Life in Pink tsvete`,` Millionaire truschob` begin to understand it.
II look. Technical.
This film is not saturated with special effects, Star Wars, or vampires. If he is not saturated, so the emphasis will be put on the acting. I can only applaud standing beautiful game Marion Cotillard! Such actresses as she left very little! This is quite a feat, so to play. When you first view I enjoyed the content of the film and in the end thought that `` staruyu` moloduyu` and Edith play different actress. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that over all this acting work worth one man.
Not one Marion Cotillard beautifully played. All did their best. And appeared in the film Depardieu played a major role, but everyone already knows, if Depardieu in the film, then the film will live. And now everyone will say: `If the film Cotillard, then the film will be zhit`. Great, inimitable, thank you for what you've tried, darling actor artist!
special privileges to the music I did not. Biographical film, and therefore it should be clear and understandable to all in the music. What a time, what era, what is the main character, so the music. Music - part of the life of Edith, and therefore the film is constantly hear the music of the time. It's mesmerizing.
director obviously really wanted to "Vie en Rose" was a masterpiece. This can be seen by how great he picked up material. Of course obvious that when Marion sings recording starts. But this is a big job - to dig through the archives and records in order to find the right material. The blessing is that Edith wrote for his life several biographical books. Make-up artists, too, tried to glory. I will not repeat, except to say that they are all well done
Yes, the "Vie en Rose" - a masterpiece . And for those who think that this movie can only look again, for the second it is a little weak, I want to say that other films do not produce such an impression on you like this. It is only necessary to consider when viewing and understand the meaning. I put the highest score.

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