"Life in pink" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

So, as in any other film of the biographical genre, director and, of course, writer try to recreate the timing of the events of that character, of whom removed the reel of film. Of course, that all the works of such subjects are shot on the actually existing persons, but not far-fetched tales of mythical characters and fictional stories. Accordingly, such a genre obliges the author of the script approach to working with chronological precision:. To study a certain event dates in the life of the protagonist of the film, and that is not unimportant, the essence of these events
What we see as a result? And we see that the timing of the events has not been studied script writer, and the ultimate goal of the painting probably implies secrecy goal Olivier Daan and Isabelle Sobel'man to change or (for the majority of the audience) form a not very flattering opinion about Edith Piaf. On movie film we see the first little girl with sad, blue as the February sky, the eyes, which is very closed, says little and almost smiles. It is clear, the baby does not live in normal, healthy family and the family home. All subsequent events do not deny the possibility of truth, but let's order! At the age of 9 years, Edith discovers that he is the ability to sing, taking advantage of this, she roams the alleys of Paris and the French singing provocative songs, collect coins for breakfast and dinner.
Later, the script is based on events that took place with Piaf, starting with twenty years of age. It is interesting to think about where the gap between ten and twenty years? Yes, casually mentions that she was singing at a local theater and safely applied to the alcohol, plants in the country love and led a fairly questionable lifestyle. Really, this Edith Piaf fans would like to see? I doubt very much doubt. But back to twenty years, the young Piaf: we see a pretty girl with the same wonderful, like watercolor eyes, but with terrible manners, boorish and capricious behavior. She's also sings on the sidewalks of Paris, one day meeting the owner cabaret "Zhernis" which helps her to take the first step on a scenic field and give it a name in the world muzyki- "baby Piaf." Well, in this fragment can be traced, although there is no way ... you can not trace the desire itself Edith achieve something or somehow affect the course of events. It dangles like an ice cube in a cold cocktail: freely and aimlessly. Her awards fate of this acquaintance, but she ignores them almost, showing a cranky, stubborn character. But fate as quickly and selects that sent her man. After a certain amount of time, we see Edith again meets a man who will play an important role in her career: he is credited with the birth of "the Great Edith Piaf", he taught Edith not only singing and how to behave on stage, but also the rules of the secular life.
Again, throughout the film there is a tendency to the fact that the director if he wanted to hint to the viewer that the merits of something in the birth of the star itself Edith minimum, because it only recorded the successful song and tried to meet new people, to train e she continued to drink alcohol, it has been defiant and angry. I have not seen the struggle for "a place under the sun» of this talent that was already beyond doubt in her life. Is objectively
Another unclear for me: Why the script struck during the war? Or it is not so important to show the role of the noble Edith actress, speaking during the War in Germany in front of French prisoners of war, that after the concert, along with autographed give them everything you need to escape. I think it would look more promising than, say greater attention given its dependence on morphine.
And why about the existence of his daughter Edith according to screenwriter recalls almost dying minutes? Is until the last minute, she lived like a stone sphinx, I do not remember the bitter loss? It brings sadness
One saves the face of music Lady of Paris, and in principle, the film generally played the leading role -. Marion Cotillard, a great actress with stunning appearance, has a great charisma and charm. It has carried on their fragile shoulders almost the whole picture, and Marion really lived the role and oborvanki with French streets, enjoy the free life of the city and take in the music hall "ABC" on the Grands Boulevards, and a woman who tried to cope with a succession of ups and downs. I enjoyed her game, her wonderful eyes, expressive, multi-faceted emotions. It felt beauty: the beauty of the music, the beauty of love, the beauty of Paris
Well, for the subjective opinion of the director and screenwriter on the personality of Edith Piaf, for the senseless attempt to point out the negative aspects of life of the great French singer and still show the audience the versatility and chuvst. emotions in the face of M. Cotillard:
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