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I sing is not for everyone - I sing for everyone.
There are certain parameters, which can determine the level of education and breadth of outlook of the person. This is not a test of knowledge differentiation formulas or equations Mendeleev-Clapeyron. Intelligence or, one might say, Spirituality a person can not be calculated on his encyclopedic knowledge. At the moment, I am surrounded by people who consider themselves smart, if not smarter. They read the philosophical murk, pardon the expression, and imagine themselves wildly educated. Imagine that when I asked what they think about this film, few people gave a more or less specific answer. I explained to them that this is an autobiographical film about the life of Edith Piaf. 'And who is this?'. I depart from this shock twenty seconds, without exaggeration. All their simulated intelligence melted before our eyes. This is ridiculous. But no, this is very sad. We beat his chest and scream that we (ie Russian) smarter than most, you just have to force myself to get rid of chronic laziness. Where is the mind? This intelligence? Vseobhvatyvayuschey lost in the web of Counter-Strike? . Maybe
For still unknown to cite the words of Jean Cocteau:
Look at this little woman, whose hands are like lizards on the ruins of the castle. How will she sing? How to express yourself? How to break out of its narrow chest great wail of the night ?! And now she sings, or rather - on April nightingale manner tries to fulfill his love song. Have you ever heard anything like working with the nightingale? He rushes forward, soars and falls. And now the voice, low, throaty voice their velvet intonations fascinates us. His warm waves lapping, envelop, penetrate us. Edith Piaf also becomes invisible. Only her eyes, her pale hands and rising, rising above all a voice that gradually overshadows her and gaining her shadow on the wall, feel free to replace us this little shy woman. I think this is enough.
I have always distinguished friends of confidants. With friends, I am pleased to speak, by confidants, I'm not hiding anything.
turned out that Edith has found true freedom rather late. Pobyla first toy in the hands of the girls of easy virtue, then the personal servants of selfish father, then the 'canary' in a rich producer. It all started very sad. The young girl could distinguish the features already on the violent nature only in some scenes. She is young, perhaps too young for his profession. She begins to savor life with friends who were such only by accident. Friends are for life, but ... They regret, too indulge it and therefore can not give her 'otrezvitelnoe'.
If a man has beautiful hands, really beautiful, it can not be ugly inside. Hands do not lie, as a person.
Picture ran a bit slow, so I thought that she had found the love of his late. By that time, it has formed the stereotypes about his 'individuality'. She did not like myself. All her whims, screams, tantrums - it is in any case no signs of narcissism. This lack of love. Faced with his, the present, she has begun to sound in a new way, adding a new note in his voice feelings. Now her emotions are not caused by the images and the reality. By the way, about the hands. Edith (in this case - Marion) beautiful hands. And she had a beautiful soul.
The moment does not prick to you was good, but that was not bad, comes very quickly.
I know what you're thinking. She is an incorrigible drug addict and an alcoholic. I can not dispute it. But before spluttering, angry, try to get in her position. Do not talk about her weakness and worthless willpower. The fact remains that for pain relief (she died of an incurable liver cancer) doctors she worked hard drugs. I do not blame her. I do not regret. While lying, I'm very sorry. her last days the scene looked almost with tears. Two thoughts: unique Edith, forced America to 'bend over backwards' under 'Padam, padam', turned into seventy disabled (when it is some 47 years!) And the 32-year-old, who played it. Five hours of makeup a day.
No! Nothing, I do not regret anything. None of the good that I have done, nor the evil I do not care.
I also believe that it is nothing to regret. She loved and was loved. She loved the man, and he loved her. She loved France, and it loved all over the world. All the unhappiness in her way were heavy steps on the path of self-knowledge and their feelings. Despite the seemingly short time, she lived a long life. She's alive today because her songs -. A continuation of the soul of the music
Separately speaking about Marion Cotillard, you need to put a countless number of exclamation marks. This is the best part. Best. And 'Oscar' - this is only a drop in the ocean. Talented French played the talented Frenchwoman. And it happened magically. Her name for me is the 'singing', like Piaf.
Artists and the public should not occur. After the curtain falls, the actor should disappear as if by magic ...
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