"Life in pink" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'Non! Rien de rien ...
Non! Je ne regrette rien
Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait
Ni le mal tout ça m'est bien égal! ' . (C) Edith Piaf - 'Non, je ne regrette rien'

Life - a swamp: will choose - you will live there - will die an inglorious hero. In this 'jungle' no one cares about your condition. On money it held almost the whole world, but there are things that are beyond them. Love can not be bought, heroism can not buy, can not buy talent. A small Edith Giovanna Gassion had a talent for singing. She first started singing at age 9, and since then has never parted with his gift. Her mother was the unlucky actress, his father - a street acrobat. Mother also had a good voice, but she was not up to the daughter of the songs on the street she did not give money, and they lived as oborvanki
Edith's father came to him and took a daughter.. Since he could not earn a penny, then he left Edith with her mother containing obscene institution. There's still a crumb of Edith had to endure both pleasant and difficult moments of life. In the 3 years she is blind. For a long time Edith could move only with someone's hand. And when my grandmother despaired, little Edith led to St. Teresa, who knew the guilty and the innocent, undefiled, and mired in lies. For the first time in the life of Edith saw someone real help -. It
Years pass from the defenseless little girl is not a trace remains. Edith saw the light, but for a long time was afraid of sudden blindness. No, now Edith is not like that. She walks through the streets of Paris, whistling songs together with his girlfriend Mamon. In his pockets empty, but there is no problem, except the mother, who is waiting for her daughter for help, but received care. Even then, Edith began to manifest the character that distinguishes it from others. Giddiness and obstinacy
'Nobody is going to order me!'
On one of those days, Edith, asking for money from passers-by, she sang, and it was noticed by a man. When Edith looked into his eyes, he laughed, realizing that for the talent climbs into his hands. Stranger named Louis sculpt, and he became Edith's first teacher, and singing, and acting. Maybe Louis wanted to sculpt from her usual canary, it is no wonder from Edith Gassion it has become la môme Piaf, Piaf baby, cute sparrow. But anything can hide behind the way ... She
, defiant, stubborn, I could not put up with this lie. 'Baby' rebelled. Her voice distinguishes it from the crowd, and when it it was lost? Her talent did the trick. At its main concert, play an important role in her work, in front of hundreds of people she sang, overcoming himself. Before his eyes floated frames, as she was afraid to open the door to life on stage. But, his fists clenched, she went forward. Baby Piaf died and was born an adult, strong, strong-willed Edith Piaf ...
'How is it - I can not? ? Then why should I be Edith Piaf '
For her, there was no such thing - impotence. The beat Edith key energy and originality. But the star it was when the four sides it was surrounded by famous people or fans. And, staying alone, pride disappeared, and with it the energy of life. Edith feared. She was strong and at the same time weak. It has not been led astray, if she did not want that.
«The audience draws you in his arms, opens your heart and absorbs you completely. You love overwhelms her, and she - yours. Then, in the fading light of the hall you can hear the noise of departing steps. They are still yours. You no longer shudder with delight, but you feel good. And then the streets, the darkness, the heart gets cold, you're alone. »Edith Piaf
audience was all for it. They would have understood it without words - the movement of her hands spoke for themselves. Watching the audience, Edith opened his arms, as if she wanted to sign them all. Their applause was her main reward. And when the curtain closes and opens the door of the banquet hall, she cried out his name and demanded another bottle of champagne. No one ever listens.
Still, she had to buckle. Five minutes - and she was ready to scream at the whole of Paris, that has fallen in love. Marcel Cerdan, boxer, world champion. Edith was going crazy over it. Marcel had a wife, but Edith did not care. She often falls in love, the love was for her funnel, into which it is sucked by the day. She gave herself to him. I rushed in love, without thinking of the consequences. Marcel Cerdan was killed in a plane crash in October 1949. Two lives have stopped. His and hers. Her shock, hysteria, pain.
'I have to sing. If I do not sing today at least one song, I could not believe myself. '
Edith fell in love again. The pain went away in an unknown direction. To go back and fall on his head. Theo barber was good, but Edith irreversibly weakened. Forces almost does not remain. The concert lasted, but the constant fainting have exhausted her. Edith died out in front, but urged: one song - and she believes in herself. It's so important - believe in yourself ...
Olivier Dahan known only two films: 'Malyshko' and the second 'Crimson Rivers'. I am not a lover of the French kriminalschiny but 'Vie en Rose' has blocked this failure. Of course, some left unsaid, but you can not fit everything into one movie. And the main thing is present. The life of Edith Piaf, her path to fame, her life on stage - natural, pure, almost without corrections
But the main star in the film -. Is Marion Cotillard. I can not imagine a person who would undertake to dispute its well-deserved Oscar. Her game is not put into words, we can only say it was Edith Piaf, every scene, every frame, every gesture. Sylvie Testud good. Gerard Depardieu as always coped. But all lying on the fragile shoulders of Marion. And many thanks to Gilles Egro. Party Piaf in her performance superb.
Sleep well. Saint Teresa protect you. You're going to live forever. Do not be afraid to close my eyes, you have nothing to fear. This is your applause. This is your room. But you only see what would like to forget. Little Marcel within you, too, sleeping peacefully. It keeps your quiet loneliness. Go to sleep. Do not regret about anything. And she died the applause of the audience
Worthy biography Piaf legend, her life, fall down and fly up. Labor Olivier Daan decorated Egro voice Gilles and Marion Cotillard great game.

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p.s. I do not regret anything.

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