"Life in pink" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«When I'm not dying of love,
when I have nothing to die - that's when I'm ready
izdohnut!" Edith Piaf

amazing biography of Edith Giovanna Gason woven of unimaginable contrasts tragedy and buffoonery, simply asking for a film. How else? Where there is an opportunity to speculate on the personal dramas, intricately through the whole course of life is woven into the great realized talent, shining in the rays of glory, will always be willing to put to the masses such stories. Even more so when these stories - the reality is not so distant past - have a bunch of witnesses and evidence, marked by conventional wisdom thought: "It was like a movie»
closer look at the filmography of Olivier Daan would be enough to endeavor not thought about the appearance. masterpiece from under the hand of the director. Strong drama "The Promised Life", which was built on a phenomenal play Isabelle Huppert, its ability to dissolve without a trace in the character -. Almost the only thing that was worthy of a more or less attention to the appearance of "Life in pink»
However, emotionally significantly remove a great actress in neryadovoe makeup runtime over two hours of delightful solo without a single false nuance (which we had in the "Life of promise" and now in "Vie en rose") - have a duty director. While breathing life into a web collected on a pseudo-original idea of ​​"chop and mix" - has a creative act, the place of talent application, if the latter is available. Here - absolutely by! And where Daan is not wise to form, everything turned out well, but in "La Mom" ​​- thank you. Mess
main problem "Life in pink" - the lack of basic understanding of the director:. If he takes the life story of an ugly duckling Edith Gason (from rags to riches) and tells about the hard work of the great singer Edith Piaf
If the first. - there is a basis, then why so unreliable, so flat, so sketchy characters around textured Piaf, Cotillard, as if she was living on the background scenery? Tender words deserves, in spite of the small timekeeping, a father sculpt what is "guilty" outstanding talent Depardieu. In relation to other actors characteristic of the "image" and use something funny: the dancing men, cleverly unraveled Holmes, the proud name of "portrait" is true not pull
Why almost no on-screen, with the exception of the episode with Marcel Cerdanya, Edith. are women - fall in love, suffering, inspiring mad love? Where, sorry, many of its passions, its tragedy, its victories and defeats? No word on even the most impassable men of her life: Jean Cocteau, Yves Montana last husband. "Really, I only loved Marcel Cerdan. And his whole life was waiting only Theo Sarap "(c).
lack of desire to shake up the director's dirty laundry is understandable and even commendable. Forward! Let's shoot the divine gift of chance that can give or take away the only chance in life, the ability to captivate an audience of thousands to the skies, performing only two short verses! So in fact it does not work. Small, inconsistent, and no pieces of causality.
In this case it is particularly obvious and clearly the futility of such artificial "children's" episodes (though in a brothel, although the final revelation, which generally looks only obscene attempt to shock). Ultimately, the impression of "sirogo and miserable" childhood pauper thoughtless youth reflected in some way in the formation of human nature, I believe, do not perform the leading part in the creation of bizarre spiritual plexus which breeds in the singer exclusivity inner light. Light star, capable of attracting and enticing. To do this, there are more subtle scenes, almost invisible face, striking the soul that is formed, hardened heart.
In "Vie en Rose" is present only flawless in all respects scene sheds light on the nature and the true color of deeply hidden from the prying eyes of the soul, and always accompany Piaf fatigue and loneliness - an interview with the sea. Striking the depth and sincerity of the episode, with no place for pathos, so brazenly climbing from all the cracks of the film, and the tragedy is not obscene flaunting bare, making a more noticeable - yet painfully in the heart
The form chosen for Daan narrative too. It leaves much to be desired. The feeling that the editor was drunk, because "sliced ​​and glued" at random, without alteration features. All these zigzag flash backlinks flash with the speed of running a wounded hare, which is not in vain confusing marks, confusing and tiring.
This piece, by the way, it highlights another contradiction bright picture. Directed by the claim to originality (form) and wants to move away from a banal operation scenic extremes, of which in the life of Edith Piaf - though spade oars, not trying to appeal to the primitive vsedostupnosti spectator reactions (content), the forgotten and rolled to the obvious pressure techniques to the masses, using all available means at hand. For example, a near-caricature, too grotesque image Piaf. What an unsightly emphasized eternal "sparrow».
course, Piaf had neither angelic face, nor doe article, however, the documentary chronicles say that in her youth she looked quite ... pas mal, it was both interesting and female attractiveness, and the ability to "carry yourself." Yes, the movie - this movie, and it does not negate almost any figurative means in favor of the persecuted creators of goals, but at the same time taking care of maintaining the reliability in the biopic - it's not the last
If Dahan sees her character that way, and not otherwise. while Cotillard is not informed to the most important audience! That made Edith center of the universe for loved ones: attraction, create incredible inner world of the woman's ability to endear himself (to Edith-man, not a star). No, here and there, of course, the title is present, but in this sense, criminal visible gaping holes in the amorous nature scenes film canvas.
Now for the good. Global pros in the picture is. In number of three pieces.
1) quality game Marion Cotillard, who gave the role to the full capacity of the existing talent. Without a doubt, take the lead role of director less talented actress - watch the film would be nothing. But sometimes there is an idea: "What if a gifted ?. . »
2) a great makeup, without which it would not have been Cotillard Piaf so convincingly;
3) The inimitable music, listen to that, however, can and deliberately, not in the film
Conclusion <. / b>.
Kaleidoscope remember? So, from a pile of colorful shapeless pieces of glass, Daan and it failed to lay down anything like the finished drawing. And remained "Vie en Rose" set of inconsistent, often inspirational, but sometimes touching staging.
See whether a movie? See. Marion Cotillard. And about Piaf read quality newspaper articles dedicated to the great, finally, the singer's autobiography "The ball was good luck." In them there is a lot more bitterness, sensuality, tragedy, sincerity and depth. Olivier Daan also look for "Life of promise" with excellent, seasoned Huppert - not an example of a more complete and harmonious
movie "Vie en Rose." - this is not a film director Daan. This is a film actress Cotillard. That is the verdict.

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