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Well, that was something that I personally experienced in my life. It was probably the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking thing that I had ever done in my life. I got on a plane and went to the Canada for a Two years as a new fresh girl in the university. When I was leaving my home, family, friends, I was anxious and sad to be leaving, but once I arrived in the Canada I could not contain my excitement. I studied at University in Vancouver. I experienced a different culture, ate new foods, made lifelong friends, travelled to other places, learned to understand an accent that sounds like a whole other language, and learned to be independent.

Learning other language is a wonderful thing that makes people know about other people who from different cultures. People interested to know other people who are not from their culture, so they stare learn their language. After that, they get a lot of different information about their culture and people can communication with different people which effects a person’s life style, habits and even personality. To explore more I decided to study abroad, when I was twenty one year old after completing my 12 grade in my home country I came to Vancouver Canada as a international student where I feel myself totally changed as compared to before as I was a little dependent girl who fears world and scared of facing challenges. Here in Canada everything is different from my home country. Different situations and issues occurred in different places and I learn to face them. I live independently by myself. I don’t not know about many things about foreign culture because off language problem. After two years, I found out many things and habits in my life that was changed after coming here. For instance, the table manners, is when someone eat food, are different in the Canada than my culture is. Moreover, community of Canada is amazing because they are friendly and respectful. In my experience of learning English, I found that Foreign cultures are different from my culture because table manners and respectful many aspect of my personality has Been changed.

Furthermore I start adapting foreign culture and I also follow and respect my culture and traditions too where I grew up and learn many things and that I compare with other cultures. I felt differences here was I have to do more struggle for example I have to do job and work as well as compared when I was in India I just need to focus only on my studies because I was totally depend on my father for my all expensive. Here I earned my all livelihood. I moved here for my bright future. Whenever I face hard times I miss my family and their support but I handle those all the problems at my own. I become more brave and wiser after overcoming these challenges and it’s my great achievements and a very big change in my personality.

To conclude all, the biggest change of my life is that earlier my family supported me financially and emotionally but now as I adapted culture of this country and become independent and start earning now I use to help my family financially and I am able to manage their expenses and also can support them emotionally. So it’s a positive change in my life which modified my personality and helped me to focus on my career and gives me many ways to complete my dream goals.

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