Lie detection using machine learning Essay

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Detecting lies is important in many areas, such as police investigation, airport security etc. There are many technologies to detect lies.

Through this paper we are going to describe how investigation related to lies can be easily detected using artificial intelligence. Lie detection also called deception Detection uses questioning techniques to ascertain truth and falsehood in response which can be used by police at the time of investigation. In this paper, features of speech and physical values are used to make sure about truth and lie using artificial intelligence. The system can detect changes in the eyes, voice, gestures and postures.

Keyword: E.E.G and Machine Learning, Face Reading Technology, Support Vector Machine, Linear Regression


From the past years people have designed or developed different technologies or softwares to detect lies but not a single device are accurate in detecting lies. In that technologies lies are detected based upon calculating modification in humans stress, heartbeat, pulses or skin conductivity. And according to that changes person is considered to be lying or not. But this procedure to is not always used for detecting lies as some persons are professional in hiding their stress level so to remove all these problem we have tried to proposed a model by using different algorithm for detecting lies. That is why we have used artificial intelligence in it. By using machine learning we can determine by the facial expression or movement of a person and find whether the person is speaking truth or not. In this process, firstly we need a person to whom we can ask some common questions of which the answer is known to us. this is for the AI to gain some data of that persons visual morphology to to detect and recognize the image processing as everyone has different facial expressions. And later when we really want to know if the person is speaking truth or not, the machine will automatically start detecting according to the persons micro-expressions and facial movements such as eyebrow movement, lip positioning etc, and will check it with the previous stored data. And according to that it will give conclusion if that person is actually lying or not. This process is more superior than that of polygraph and it will give accurate result.

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