"Liberation: the main attack direction" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Such Soviet propaganda begins to pall. From series to series. From series to series.
hard to believe that in general there are Soviet films where war displayed something truly real, where there are no saints of Soviet soldiers and the bad of the German invaders. While stop ... Climbing Larisa Shepitko and even hated me 17 Moments of Spring, but this film saga, from which and rushing patriotism and pathos that are excessively comes to stupidity and unreality of this heroism heroes who do not care for their relatives. Give over the corpse of his other posts
Let's throw a stone at me, accompanied by stereotyped phrases: "They shed their blood for you, that would be born those bastards like you! '
Sometimes there is a feeling that the whole motion picture - a solid.. propaganda of how noble Soviet soldiers, who, like a holy paladin, came to Berlin, sparing no one.
Do you want banal, but the real truth? There are no heroes, no one has been an ardent communist running a Molotov cocktail at a German tank. 'There were just cowards who were afraid of being shot by their own officers. So we went, my friend. ' -. The words of my grandfather, the last of the war
Interestingly, with each series of the epic film Liberation pathos intensifies, patriotic notes soar over the nervous system, and the characters' actions are becoming increasingly moronic. Although what I have to show the Soviet man in the street, which was a war ... I beg you.
I do not see the point of writing the next review of the following parts of the movie series.
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< i> For such words, I would have been shot.

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