"Liberation: the main attack direction" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

On this part of the 'epic movie' I broke down and decided I've had enough. I understand that for many of any film about the Second World War, especially Soviet, is a priori a masterpiece - it grandfathers fought. But I look at the film and see not only the glorification of heroism of soldiers and the memory of the great victory, but the mediocre script and the same mediocre setting.
film in the series 'Liberation' are not in the least thought out logical scenario, they are as if assembled from poorly interconnected pieces. Storylines normal 'unhistorical' heroes start out of nowhere and just dropped. Apparently, it was to give war a kind of a human face, but it is impossible, because the characters appear in the movie for a few minutes and disappear, do not know them, they do not empathize. And, most importantly, they do not affect the course of the narrative. The film is not about them, and about the war on a global scale. Why, for example, in the first film two scenes about the tankers? For screen time or something? Why did the scene in this film about pilots? It's so stupid, and do not need to insert. And a lot of them.
More striking protrusion role Zhukov. Judging by the 'liberation', is not only Zhukov commanded all fronts, developed all operations, knew everything about everything, but also personally shoot Hitler and hoisted the flag over the Reichstag.
number of historical mistakes and inaccuracies in the film claims to be the historical epic movie hits. . That is, in principle, the authors were not interested in the actual course of events, they just display certain images and templates war
Result:. Films from the series 'Liberation' was a bad and can only appeal to people poorly versed in the movies, and in stories.

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