"Liberation: the main attack direction" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The third film of Pentalog 'Liberation'.
1944. After the Kursk and the crossing of the Dnieper comes time beautiful operations. Beautiful - not in the sense of the scale (Stalingrad, Kursk), and in terms of interesting, intelligent surgery. Such operation 'Bagration'. 23 June - 29 August. The release of Belarus. Terrain marshy, wooded. Who knew that we send tanks across the swamp ?! As he wrote FW von Mellenthin, Russian soldiers' can everywhere to pave the road. In a few days, Russian built many kilometers of causeway through impassable swamps' (FW von Mellenthin, Tank Battles 1939 - 1945 Publishing house AST, Moscow, 2003, p 362.). Showing once again the layers of the war. Here Stalin advises Rokossovsky 'go out and think'. Here soldiers carry logs. Here Zhukov talks to soldiers. Here are working anti-aircraft gun. Here gives artillery salvo. Here shoots Vatutin of the TT-33. Here is a military march is shown landing in Normandy. Here the soldiers gives flowers telegraph. From soldier to marshal, from nurses to the Fuhrer. And because the war show from different angles. And it looks, respectively, in different ways, but all of these episodes / scenes draw in detail a picture. Before us is a war in all its scope.
As in other parts of the involved mass technology. Ozerov tries to approach the story, sometimes adding some scenes from themselves, but they somehow do not seem redundant. It Vatutin questions about life, and how he, being wounded, repeating 'Zycie' (life in Polish). This is the story of French pilot and our dedication. It is the soldiers joke responsible Zhukov.
actors at altitude. Bribes their sincerity. But the most memorable Fritz Dietz (name of something which, Fritz ) in the role of Hitler. In my opinion, correct positioning in the image, the most accurate. Perfectly fits into the information about Hitler.
Separately, it must be said about the operation 'Valkyrie', 20 July plot. Compared with American and German 'operation ...' it looks good. No, I will not say which is better, since the time allotted much less. But I remember Claus von Stauffenberg, like Fromm. Let the Americans spectacular, even deeper than the Germans, but we have a small excerpt makes an indelible impression.
battle battles already smaller. Several disappointed dogfight. However, given the time and not focus on entertainment, and on the desire to apply the war itself ....
come down quite a bit pretentious, but what there pathos in a film about a war
For:.. Maximum approach to history, actors shown layers of the war, our story (well, more German), equipment, weapons, a scenario memorable episodes
Cons:. Soviet interpretation of certain events dogfight
See fact. It is interesting to whom the history of our country. Entertainment send to the devil, not in her case.
8 out of 10

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