"Liberation: Fire Arc (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Until the 'Liberation' in the Soviet cinema was the only one epic film about the war -. 'The Fall of Berlin'
But after the Twentieth Party Congress 'cult' film for a long time disappeared from the screens
Successful implementation filming 'War and Peace' led to. . thought to remove a remake of 'the Fall of Berlin', adding to his grand battle scenes
the fact that this is a remake speak numerous parallels in the stories of both films, and action of both films takes place in the same places - if you glue the two separate episodes movies in a single tape - not immediately possible to determine from what is the film taken this or that episode.
The 'release' on the screen, Stalin came back again, since the XXII Congress as it did not exist in the history of the USSR. Remember veterans specifically noted this point and said that in the new film shows the image of Stalin is much closer to reality, and in general - the new film they liked much more than the old
I asked them about the extent shown in the film close. to reality.
They replied that yes, very similar. The Truth Behind the scenes of the film was left virtually all the blood and filth of the war (which we saw later, in American cinema for the first time - in their way to the Soviet box office movie 'Stunt Man').
Another inaccuracy in the film was the number of soldiers of middle and old age, .. shown in movie frames
in reality, however, the Red army in 1943 consisted mainly of men 18 years of age, in fact of the boys
in the rest of the battle scenes film shot almost 1: 1 in order, as it was in fact. Realism shooting is striking even in our time - especially if you watch a movie on the big screen of the cinema
No TV can not convey the effect of crawling straight at the viewer wide German tank -. When sitting in the hall feel goose bumps and a desire to dive under the seat . Perhaps this effect was achieved for the first time since the days of 'The arrival of the train' Lumière
Alas, to feel all this was possible only until 1971, then all the normal copy of the film disappeared and were trimmed by 4:. 3 version of the movie to display on the film projector and . on TV
fact that they cut, and quite rude - is clearly seen on the latest HR penultimate film (Exemption: The Battle of Berlin). It seems that after rolling there was not a full-fledged, not worn out three sheets to the copy of the film
Unfortunately, the fact that the show is now on TV or came out on DVD -. Is made by the restoration of these same trimmed copies - it seems that the original widescreen movie . lost forever
remove something like that in our time is no longer possible - died almost all participants of these events. And without consulting any film on the theme of war will be cheap crafts
Yes, and -. Brezhnev at Ozerov really once appeared in the frame. But it was a completely different epoch (discharge and senility), and the film was called "Soldiers of Freedom '.

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