"Liberation: Fire Arc (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

From South America to Japan, from Australia to Africa, from the Baltic ice to the tropics of the Philippines was the Second World War. But the 'Liberation' Yuri Ozorova (famous for Movies military topics) talks about it a significant part -. World War II, though not from the very beginning of its
Pentalog 'Liberation'. The first film - about the battle of Kursk. What is and whether or not to watch?
first war. Of course, everyone knows the third word, which stands after the 'Great Patriotic ...'. The bloodiest, most destructive in our history.
Of course, the story of the war copied, and not just once. That Khrushchev suddenly becomes a vaccine against fascism, then Brezhnev suddenly rise from obscurity (even though he was in the war, but only one of many). And if at all declare our shame. Of course, the matter of politics, but 'for power it is insulting!'! In the end, it is our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, grandmothers and great-grandmother came to Berlin after the fighting, unseen anywhere else! There was in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, Stalingrad, Kharkov, the siege of Leningrad, Kursk Bulge, the operation "Bagration", the sinking of the 'Wilhelm Gustloff', the Vistula-Oder operation, the defense of Smolensk ... No, there were Tobruk, Normandy landings, Midway island .... But they - only a pale shadow of what happened in the battle between the III Reich and the USSR. Can only be compared Tobruk.
Of course, the USSR authorities have relied on this film. In a 'release' wormed and Leonid Brezhnev. For a film set and the best film, and means unfastened. And the film itself represents a fusion of 'documentaries' and art. Much more still of the feature film. Here and generals with marshals and tankers with nurses, pilots, rulers of countries ... Like and date of call, and the operation and decision making show important people, but there is the usual skirmishes and attacks, in short, all the layers of the war.
The battle scenes, the Germans (real!), land surveying the panorama, tanks, fighters, our fascists .... The film is about the war. There is no gloss, people here are dirty, soot in the die, afraid to be resolved .... What Manstein that Stalin that Rokossovsky - conclusive. And they have quite dramatically ascertain with ordinary soldiers. Here Stalin paces around the room, talking. But the tank crews are selected from a burning tank. What a peaceful life that the battle - shows ... umm ... like on a huge canvas with clear thread, to create a single pattern
Of course, there is the battle of the battle.. Of course, after the 'Lord of the Rings', they do not look so impressive. And 'We are from the future' is also superior to the presentation of the battles. What to do, now a viewer. But the surprising amount of technology appears, it is amazing. Of course, we used and models (do not know for sure), but the technology in 'life-size' lack
For:. Our story, actors, equipment, direction, makeup, reconciliation with the historical data, the maximum true. Cons: some places excessive pathos but some amendments to the Soviet history. Who cares about the Great Patriotic War, to strongly recommend to watch.
8 out of 10

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