"Liberation: Fire Arc (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The Second World War is already separate subject hobbies for many people. Wide interest due to the fact that there is no family on this planet that would be affected by that war. The interest shown in various formats, but, thank God, this is only an art for us, descendants. Such films and historical events have long been formed, though not formalized, a separate historical subgenre of cinema - 'World War II' ( 'Great Patriotic War'), although it is certainly more than a movie about WWII with a positive bias Second World War. I'll write soon about a whole series of films 'release' as it is - a single mini-series, which is considered separately has little value in terms of the understanding of this ambitious project, although each series individually and very interesting. To understand this epic, we need to understand two things:. Its 'enemies' - a narrow and isolated event, its 'allies' - the enormity, the interconnectedness of events and associations from different sides
In this picture a little man (though it can be found remarkable way) and many heroic . The film is of little value for fans of human drama and suffering of the war, the common soldiers, the citizens, the people. It can even slightly disappoint fans of reconstruction in fine detail. The film is for those who are a little documentary chronicles and qualitative incarnations of the leading players in the world history of the legendary period. And this stuff is really small. For such a scale. In large part this hole fills 'Liberation'. Especially in solid and adequate format. Without excessive propaganda, one-sided and significant factual errors. Along with the main purpose is the main advantage of the film (s) to all other sub-genre of the 'Second World War'.
you want to see 'great' Stalin 'odious fanatic' Hitler 'bright Duce' Mussolini ' treacherous diplomacy of Winston Churchill or 'the great pragmatic US President' Roosevelt, but in their interaction with the 'talented' Zhukov, 'a talented organizer' A. Antonov, 'major strategists' A. Vasilevsky and Rokossovsky' mnogovazhnymi 'V. Chuikov and Vladimir Sokolovsky,' the largest tank strategist 'M Cat ukovym 'defense genius' by the model and even less represented, but interesting' iron 'Molotov' symbol propaganda 'by J. Goebbels,' careful, clever Hans' H. Kluge, 'forward strategy' Manstein, ' multitasking agent 'O. Skorzeny,' active conspirators, enemies of Hitler 'L. Beck and K. Stauffenberg? It's exciting for the quality and quantity of the abundance of fully listed! If you are interested in the individual, it is - your movie! Personally, I particularly liked the brightest, impressive (to be), and is perfectly recreated Valais, due to the magnificent paintings consulting, talent and obvious external similarity actors with real actors. Some characters are depicted so realistically that 'Liberation' I want to see more than any documentary . This is especially true Buhuti Zakaridze (Stalin), Fritz Dietz (A. Hitler) (here a standing ovation and tumultuous applause ladonerazbivatelnye), Mikhail Ulyanov (Zhukov), Peter Sturm (V. Model). Saying the famous words mentioned in the film, 'perseverance (the film was accepted at once)' commander in chief '(Yu Ozerov) suggests careful forethought organizations' performance '(the movie)'! This is also reflected in the large-scale battle scenes and the characteristic, bright expressed deliberative stages of the above characters.
most worth looking into characters main characters corresponding to historical realities (as can be seen from most universally recognized of books, video chronicles, evidence and implications). It is most interesting in this film. Next I will express style Classic of the most striking from my subjective point of view of the characters.
Stalin . Cold-blooded, highly responsible, independent, discerning, far views and active 'Leader', with great talent in the selection and placement of personnel. A major player on the international political arena. Even with a serious pre-war purges (many higher) military personnel ', really talented people there were, were able to realize themselves and contributed to the victory. Although not reflect the negative aspects of his personality, the 'Stalin' believe .
Hitler . Thrust, bombastic, sverhsamouverenny to complete loss of the sense of reality fanatic. Vivid emotions in speeches, detachment from reality, complete ruthlessness and mercilessness towards enemies, exorbitant ambition, idealistic, sverhgumanisticheskie beliefs, human error and deliberate underestimation of the 'enemies'. When you know the history (with good depth of knowledge), the 'Hitler' believe . Great resemblance in combination with personal pictorial talent, deeply felt nature and quality make-up, made the actor certainly memorable. Own him gratitude for their sacrifices for this role, because fundamentally and ideologically Fritz Ditsu was hard to play the role of Hitler. It is no exaggeration to say, this is the best movie-Hitler.
Zhukov . Diverse military leader with numerous talents, experience and high reputation, allows you to perform almost any task. Practically the main military figure of the country and the whole WWII. Let maybe not always adequate price, but it 'Zhukov' believe .
Model . Pathetic, brutal, highly respected, very loyal and trusting Hitler General fire, this 'model' believe . Model's 'model' was a success!
Although, unfortunately, are not well defined look brightest figures like Winston Churchill, Molotov, Rokossovsky, A. Wasilewski, G. Goering, Heinrich Himmler, (and many others ), but it might need some extra series that could delay (such as the 17 moments of spring) and would put at risk of failure overall, but in a good-quality study tasks films. However, these requirements only occur against the background of high-quality study of the above characters. For all the film's capacity, given to and how many parties (countries) is reflected in the film, here claims virtually swept aside ...
your care will not be able to get around and some interesting characters of simple Russian, German, Polish (and other) soldiers and citizens, but in this genre of original design is not the central figure. That does not deprive them of their qualitative study and brightly-defined positive, less simple than the central heroic paintings of human qualities: generosity, honesty, friendliness, love
An important advantage of the film - it's attitude that he is.. With the high image quality 'of all parties to the conflict ", when you start to (partially) to sympathize with the different' camps' in the film, he is very good message and thoughts. ' Friendship of Peoples ', ' happy peaceful life ', ' world peace '. This is what we strive for. Although not all 'we', but thanks to such films, our struggle will be strong enough!
especially moves to the viewing of such films, the feeling of peculiar nostalgia on the Second World War, large-scale events, strong character. Even though in reality it is for you not gone through the period and inherent in any art embellishment of events. In this picture, in contrast to many related ones, strong spirit .
This miniseries, you can learn the history up to the individual sentences that actually took place in those events. And speaking of one such, I say, 'it is no exaggeration to say' that 'Liberation' - the most interesting and the adequacy of the global video-system (albeit artificial) of WWII. Very important work for all peoples of the world!
Excellent aid for ' lessons of history '.
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